Friday, April 16, 2010

Read this and flame if you want

Frankly speaking, the recent spams on my cbox is getting on my nerves and I am not sure who these people are; but for sure they are getting the hang on defaming me.

Most would have known that I don't bake and I don't see what is wrong to have a dessert blog. In the first place, my original intent was to keep a diary of the cakes Yuan and I had over the years and I thought it might be useful to let readers know what are some of the patisseries and bakeries found in Singapore.

I am not trying to defend myself but I just want everybody to know the objective of the blog.

For those who don't read Chinese, the content of the 联合早报 article was about Yuan and myself going round Singapore to try various desserts in Singapore and my original objective was to try all 50 yummiest cakes published in the ST article.

In the midst of blogging, we invested in a dSLR and since then we took up another hobby, photography. The blog was named "Indulgence after workout" to describe our regular weekend routine of gyming, photography and eating desserts. The most important thing is that we named it such a way that it has no implications of it being a food blog.

Apart from the genuine desserts lovers, I am quite surprise this blog has attracted some people who only have the intent to harass or insult. Not sure what is keeping you guys to come back but at least they seems to bother to return to find out if there is a follow-up in the defaming saga.

But something I always emphasize. People, or rather (some) NETIZENS always make irresponsible remarks because you feel that it is safe to hide behind your computer screen. No one knows who you are and I know that some likes to gain attention through this manner. Whatever you say, no one can stop you but spare a thought for all the patisseries and bakeries, they spend the money to start-up, they hope that people will appreciate their effort. Touch your conscience before you, being only NETIZENS, use them as a tool for verbal attack.

For now, all irrelevant comments made on the cbox will be deleted. The cbox is meant to serve as a platform for people to talk about CAKES.


ratatouille said...

probably some people get a little jealous of others' success. as always, do what you like to do.

Fen said...

Thank you for the encouragement. I am not sure why there was a sudden influx in those nasty comments but guess it has died down...

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