Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tohoku Fair (4 to 13 Dec 09)

Basement 1 @ Isetan Shaw is buzzling with booths set up for the Christmas season and one can expect sweet treats from Hilton Hotel and the Food Barn. Apart from Christmas goodies, there is a Tohoku Fair going on just outside Sun Moulin and within the supermarket itself.

Sawa Cheese Cake

One of the booths, facing the cashier, sells a variety of cheesecakes with fruity flavours and peach cake in lovely packaging. The cakes are sold frozen and comes with ice packs.

These cheesecakes come as either a whole circular form, dome-shaped or small cup-like forms (as shown in the picture) with 4 flavours, namely original, grape, orange and apple.

Sawa Cheese Cake II

For the original cheesecake, the texture is smooth (after thawing) and resembles the molten form of an ice-cream. One can expect a dominating taste of cream cheese and is definitely a light and refreshing treat.

An interesting variant of the Japanese light cheesecake and American cheesecake but these aren't cheap as a box of 4 will cost $19.80.

Oh, Sakaeya is also selling their goodies at this fair and they are located besides this cheesecake booth.

Tohoku Fair
Isetan Scotts Supermarket, Basement 1
4-13 Dec 09


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