Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hazelnut Log Cake

Hazelnut log cake

Bengawan Solo have two versions of log cake for this year, namely Chocolate log cake or Hazelnut log cake [$30.80 (850gm), $37.00 (1.2kg)].

Have to admit this log cake is good. While Fairmont's chocolate crispy classic is on the sweet side, Pat's Chocolate Truffle log alittle powdery and Bakerzin's Love Unlimited (i.e. Traditional chocolate sponge with chocolate cream studded with dark sweet cherries) being both sweet and powdery, the chocolate sponge of Bengawan Solo outshines among the 4 for its soft, springy and not-so-sweet chocolate sponge.

The only setback? Its buttercream, while the above mentioned uses chocolate mousse, Bengawan Solo falls short on its heavy and cloying buttercream.

Bengawan Solo
With so many branches island-wide, it is better to click here


ladyironchef said...

hazelnut log cake? i will love this one! hehe merry xmas and happy new year to yuan and fen :)

Fen said...

Hey Brad, I guessed u r expecting hazelnut praline in this one... The hazelnut is flavoured in their buttercream so this might disappoint you.

Crunchy Chocolate Praline from Sheraton Towers might meet your expectation... Was thinking of getting that but changed my mind for Fairmont's Chocolate Crispy Classic.

Hope you had an enjoyable Christmas celebration too. Happy New Year :)

Junkie said...

I love buttercream and it's for this that I love Bengawan Solo's log cakes (looking forward to it every year) and their cakes and swiss rolls (choc).

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