Thursday, December 10, 2009

Caprice de Banana

Caprice de Banana

After the mooncake spree, I presume our fellow readers will be curious about our choice of log cakes. Frankly speaking, we are reluctant to blog about them as hotel changes their selection every year and so far we have not come across a good log cake (Note: specifically log-shaped) to rave about.

The problem with log cakes lies in their texture which are often sandy and coarse so as to be able to support the weight of the decorations. Moreover, samplers won't be accurate as eating a small bit is so much different from having an entire slice. Hence, we shall have a disclaimer indicating that the log cakes' entries for this year are our random guesses and are uploaded to tell you what are available for this year.

Gourmet Carousel do have their log cakes served in slices. Caprice de Banana is generally a banana chocolate mousse layered with salted caramel, chocolate feuilletine and chocolate roulade.

Unlike most log cakes that uses cake sponge for support, the bulk of Gourmet Carousel's log cakes uses mousse. Chocolate banana mousse was fragrant, apart from it being too creamy but the disappointment comes with the centre block of bitterish mousse which we can't make out what it is. Chocolate feuilletine and chocolate roulade was ok but not evenly spread throughout the entire slice. Hence the crunch could not be felt in every bite.

Each slice of log cake costs $7+ while a 750gm log cake will cost $48+.

Gourmet Carousel
Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore
25 Scotts Road
Singapore 228220
Tel: 6589 7799


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