Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Durian Profiteroles X'mas Tree

Durian Profiterole Cake II

Apart from the D24 Durian Log Cake, Goodwood Park Hotel has a lovely twist to introducing this local favourite for the Christmas season. A perfect twist to a regular log cake, Goodwood Park Hotel launched the Durian Profiteroles X'mas Tree last year and is back for this year's Christmas by popular demand.

Apart from the layer of pure D24 durian pulp lined on a sponge cake base, fluffy profiteroles containing durian filling and white chocolate balls are used to decorate this delicious showpiece.

Durian Profiterole Cake

This definitely scores in our opinion and resembles greatly to their signature Durian Mouuse Cake. What makes this creation special lies on the profiteroles. Unlike the durian puffs available during the durian fiesta, these puffs have crispy tops with a more fragrant choux pastry.

For durian lovers, Goodwood D24 Durian Christmas Log Cake is available at $55+, Durian puffs at $39.80+ (20 pieces), and the Durian Profiteroles X'mas Tree at $68+ (enough for 6-8 persons).

Also don't miss out Goodwood's signature Grand Cru Chocolate Nougat and Pear Log Cake ($60+ for 1 kg) and the newly released Coffee and Brownie Log Cake ($65+ for 1kg).

Our greatest thank you to Ms Dorothy Lim from Goodwood Park Hotel for the complimentary Durian Profiteroles X'mas Tree.

All Christmas delights are available from 1st Dec 2009 to 1st January 2010 at the Deli. Advance orders of 3 working days are required

For more details, refer the promotion page of Goodwood Park Hotel.

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221
Tel: 6730 1867 / 1868


foodaholic said...

ahh sounds like they're better than their legendary durian puffs! nice photos once again. ;)

taster said...

It's the fusion of Croque en bouche and cake.

Fen said...

Foodaholic: This is definitely a must-try and their profiteroles on top of the Christmas tree is different from their regular durian puffs. Their early bird promo ends today so don't miss it...

Taster: Yea, in the 2D version... If you are a durian fan, this is highly recommendated... Whoever that tried this cake still have cravings...

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