Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pineapple Tarts from Hans

Pineapple Tarts from Hans

Hans made it into our list of pineapple tarts this year as we have eaten these tarts year round (i.e. These tarts are available throughout the year, sold at $4.20 for 10 pieces).

Apart from selling 30 pieces in a container at $13.80, these tarts are also available at $6.80 in a bag with 15 pieces or the standard take-away pack of 10 pieces at $4.20.

Note that the take-away pack of 10 pieces is smaller in size and our vague impression is that those tasted better than the ones sold in 30s.

In terms of appearance this one probably trumps all the ones we have eaten. Each tart has a nice golden glaze over the top.

Before our pineapple tarts spree, this has always been an alternative to desserts when we lunch at Hans and personally, we can finish all 10 in a go.

However, we were pretty surprised that comparing these back to back with the rest, we were a little disappointed. First impression does make it slightly similar to Mirana but the subsequent few rounds of comparison will make one notice the thicker crust and the chewier filling. In fact, the tart crust tasted closer to a butter cake and is slightly oily.

Though Freshly Baked by Le Bijoux, Mirana Cake House and Crystal Jade seems to be more outstanding, Hans definitely taste better than BreadTalk and Bengawan Solo (not blogging it as we had them in office). For its convenience and pricing, this would be above average in our humble opinion.

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Han's Cafe and Cake House
Various outlets around Singapore
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