Sunday, January 23, 2011

Metrocakes CNY Collection 2011

The Fortune Cracker

While most Chinese New Year goodies or gifts are shaped in the form of a koi, MetroCakes surprised us with a gigantic fire cracker. This Fortune Cracker ($98.80) may sound pricey to most but do keep in mind that delivery of the cake has been taken care of and that most 3D cakes are relatively expensive for the amount of icing sugar used and workmanship.

Some time back, we purchased angry birds cake toppers and these sugary characters are priced at $45+.

So as a Chinese New Year gift, this does sound attractive as apart from the lovely appearance of this cake, beneath the fondant is a moist, dense and rich chocolate swiss roll. A remake of their log cake.

The Fortune Cracker 2

The characteristics of MetroCakes' creations often inclined towards rich flavours with a dense yet moist sponge so one can expect that this chocolate mousse with a slight orange flavour to be acceptable by chocolate fans.

Treasure Cove

The Treasure Cove ($68.80) consists 2 dozens of orange flavor cupcakes customized to welcome the Year of the Rabbit. Like all cupcakes, the top layer of icing sugar is more for decorative purpose rather than for eating. The niche of this creation is the convenience of cupcakes. No hassle to cut and divide. Moreover, with designs ranging from the Fire Cracker, Rabbit, Red Packet, Mandarin Oranges and Yellow Clover, this serves as a perfect cooperate gift or an item for potluck. Taste-wise, the slight orange taste complements nicely with the not-so-sweet and not oily cake, making it a good twist to the conventional Chinese New Year goodies.

Special thanks to Cerissa for the complementary cakes.

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