Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pineapple Tarts from Crust n Flour


No special reason to purchase our last tub of pineapple tubs from Crust and Flour Bakery Cafe but it happens to be a gift from some events.

Our last pineapple tart entry for the year is from Crust and Flour Bakery Cafe and this is a typical type of tart you will find in most households during Chinese New Year visiting.

The most outstanding part about this is the huge ball of pineapple jam and after eating truckloads worth of pineapple tarts, it gives us the impression that factory-made or pre-packed pineapple jam are usually sticky and chewy, thereby making the pineapple filling of Freshly Baked the most outstanding.

butter cookies

Before we end off, we realize most would have define a good crust to be a buttery one but not knowing how to define a buttery taste, we baked a batch of cookies that uses only flour, egg yolk, icing sugar and butter.

The pineapple tarts that resemhles closest to what we have in our oven is Mirana (Note: not 100%) and it seems that most has replaced butter with shortening (of varying degree), thereby lacking the fragrance that butter often provides. The other thing we observed is that butter is not the component that makes the crust attain a melt-in-your mouth effect but rather a texture that is closer to a shortbread. In other words, most of the available pineapple tarts in the market are not made 100% butter and that oil or shortening has been introduced.

Crust n Flour Bakery Cafe
164 Bukit Merah Central #01-3625
Tel: 6272 0105


taster said...

I think the factors that can create a melt-in-the-mouth crust is corn starch, icing sugar also contains little bit of cornstarch, shortening, low-protein fine flour, and milk powder. And also by cutting the fat into the flour.

ice said...

I think taster is correct. Mirana states the ingredients for its pineapple tarts as pineapple, butter, icing, sugar, egg, flour & milk powder. From what I read online, recipes with milk powder always add a milkiness fragrance to the crust.

This year, a surprise find for me would be the pineapple milk balls from Fancy Delights. They are surprisingly the best pineapple tarts I've tried this year, if the sampling portion I tried serves me right. My neighbor's pineapple tarts are also very fragrant with a melt-in-your-mouth milky tart crust coz she uses SCS butter with milk powder added.

HungryTrotters said...

I have only one thing to say about pineapple tarts...I miss them badlY! :)

Happy CNY!

Fen said...

Taster: I have yet to add milk powder into the dough to try. Maybe I will look for another recipe and compare the difference. Thank you for the pointer.

Ice: Yea, I saw Mirana's label.

Alamak, Fancy Delights has a branch at City Square which is walkable from my weekend haunt. Pity, I have bought too much pineapple tarts for this year and I have yet to finish them despite so many days.

HungryTrotters: Do you want me to get you the golf ball pineapple tarts should we meet up for dinner?

Happy Chinese New Year, so sorry for the late reply. Have been neglecting my blog lately...

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