Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Orchard @ Hilton

Pardon for the absence of entries lately as we realized that our 过大礼 was earlier than expected so for the past few weeks, it had been window shopping for bedsheets and the required items, settling our wedding invitations and of course, gown fitting.

Among the backlogs we have, one of the items we have ordered in the earlier part of January is a log cake we have blogged about it earlier on.


Chef Christophe from Hilton Singapore is kind enough to make a Orchard log cake for me to share with my family and friends and this cake deserved an entry on its own.

A 1kg Orchard is priced at $60+ and note that this is not available off the shelf but a special request I have made to Chef Christophe and if you managed to get him to make this for you. You simply will not regret.


A good non-chocolate cake is often hard to find and this is going to capture your attention if you fancy the combination of apple and cinnamon. Luscious baked apples with a hint of orangey zing are the star of this soft vanilla log.

The apples were baked in low heat for 10 hours to caramelize, hence providing a very nice sugary fragrance but yet not overly sweet. Fresh Granny Smiths and caramel are later throw in for the added crunch and tanginess; a perfect marriage with the vanilla calvados mousse with a fantastic base. The base which the cake sit on is actually made of caramel fudge, finishing the taste with a medley of texture and flavours.

I know there are a couple of new patisseries which I have not blogged on but I simply cannot resist the temptation Chef Christophe has put up.

Checkers Deli
Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883

For reservations, orders and enquiries, contact
Tel: 6730 3392
Fax: 6732 2917
Email: Checkers.Singapore@hilton.com

Operating hours - 11:00am - 9:00pm (daily)


Daniel said...

Ahhh apple and cinnamon, thats something that catches my eye!

Fen said...

It is highly recommended but I am not sure is Chef Christophe willing to take in orders for this cake. If he does, I would have labeled in my post, "a die die must try"

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