Monday, November 22, 2010

No. 48. Banana Choco Fudge from Choc a bloc


I have only eaten Choc.a.bloc once and it is one cake that I really like but not my family members for the same reason. Among the chocolate fudge cakes I have tried till date, I like this the most for the creamy fudge and the extremely moist cake. The resulting factor is it being very refreshing but yet satisfying.


Moreover, this cake uses sliced banana which makes it better over Awfully Chocolate's Chocolate Banana but from my understanding, I do know of a few people who fancy the latter more. Ultimately, taste is subjective and you will only which one is better after you try it.

Blk 86
Bedok North Street 4
Singapore 460086
Tel: 6446 6096

Operating hours -
11am - 7pm (Tues to Sat)
11am to 4pm (Sun)
Closed on Mondays, Chinese New Year & Christmas Day


Clara said...

Had it for the first time for my b'dae this year. Best. Chocolate. Cake. EVAR!
Being the only chocolate fan in my family, normally I would expect the cake to be mostly eaten by yours truly. However, even the rest of my vanilla-preferring family members agreed that it tasted WAY better than Awfully Chocolate's. AC was simply too overpowering, even for a true blue chocoholic like me.
The cake did not last 3 days in my fridge. :)

Fen said...

I enjoyed this fudge cake the most among Lana, Jane, Awfully and Choc.a.bloc. Somehow or rather, the moist sponge and creamy fudge works well with me.

Anonymous said...

EXTREMELY HORRIBLE attitude from the INDIAN lady cashier. Was very rude and arrogant when I went there to collect my cake. My colleagues too has bad encounter with her.

Cake are expensive but general in taste...
PLS AVOID at all cause!!

Fen said...

Pretty surprised there is an Indian lady cashier considering all my visits were served by a pleasant Chinese lady.

Personally, I thought the pricing is alright, considering the price of sugar and flour has been increasing over time. Anyway, affordable alternatives for chocolate fudge cakes can be Vicky's (1kg @ $35) or Awfully Chocolate (6" @ $25.80).

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