Thursday, November 18, 2010

For the past few weekends...

Haven't been spending time on the blog and to all my fellow readers who have been wondering what we have been doing, renovation has completed for our house and we have been busy in the kitchen, attempting to cook some dishes.

Cashew Nut Chicken

Being first timers and a brand new kitchen, just by stocking up the condiments has cost quite a fair bit and not knowing what to cook, we did a quick search on the internet for recipes.

One of the first thing that we have attempt was the Chicken and Cashew Nut Stir-Fry from BBC Food.

And somehow or rather, with some (accidental) modification, the dish turns out to be good (apart from it being slightly salty).

Sweet Sour Pork

Feeling motivated, we attempt to make Sweet and Sour Pork using the recipe posted on Rasa Malaysia and the overall turns out to be better than using Lee Kum Kee's sauce.

Chye Sim

Naturally, a meal can't be full of meat so looking through the instruction manual of how to cook plain rice and a random addition of whatever condiments stocked up at our place. We managed to pull through a complete meal with stir-fry chye sim and stir-fry beancurd with minced pork.

Minced Pork Toufu

No doubt an interesting experience in the kitchen, and the most important thing is that the dishes earn nods from my family and in-laws.


ice said...

Homecooked food always taste the best. fen, looking forward to seeing more of your culinary adventures in your new kitchen!

Fen said...

Yea, I have always take it for granted since my mum cooks almost everyday and I only realized how fortunate I am when I realize the amount of time needed to plan, buy and execute.

Hopefully, will learn along the way and get to exchange or share recipes. =)

HungryTrotters said...

Hi Fen...Enjoy cooking :) I'm sure Yuan is loving your home-cooked items. I would love to see your new kitchen too :)

foodaholic said...

sweet and sour pork looks good!! im so ashamed of myself now. :P

Fen said...

Loraine: Yea, it is quite fun and satisfying when the dishes turn out well but it can be really tiring, considering how long we spent in the kitchen.

Yuan is definitely enjoying both the fun in the kitchen and the food. In fact, we are putting on weight since he is always proposing to cook this or bake that.

Will upload the photos of the kitchen in the next "From my kitchen"'s post. =)

Phoebe: Thank you for the compliment. Come on, it is easier to experiment in the private comforts of a personal kitchen... Both Yuan and I don't cook at our parents' kitchen...

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