Saturday, November 27, 2010

Room with a View

Carrot cake lovers will be curious about this place and before dropping by a visit, we heard strong recommendations from a fellow blogger and the one of the staff from Xin Flavours.

Room with a view

Room With A View, a rooftop cafe near Clarke Quay, is more than just a place for a slice of cake. Wanting to set up a platform for fellow photographers to showcase their works, Joanna and Keryl decide to make this place a cafe cum photo gallery. A different theme for every 3 weeks to get aspiring shutterbugs to submit soft copies of their photos and after careful selection, Joanna and Keryl will print and frame the best pics at their own cost.


In other words, the name of the cafe refers to the changing view of the photographs displayed in the cafe and one will be surprised that there is no windows in the cafe apart from a balcony at the other end of the cafe.

Simplicity is what the cafe adopts, clean white walls with photos aligned neatly along the narrow space of the cafe. Tables and chairs shaped in blocks provide clean lines. To inspire photographers, there is a quote from an American artist, Aaron Siskind, printed across the cafe's featured acrylic wall.


With complimentary Wi-Fi, this comfy place serves a nice selection of sandwiches, pizzas, quiche, cakes and pastries. But before we jumped straight into food, the beverages served are worth a mention. Apart from a range of Taylors' premium tea, coffee is said to be highly recommended. Iced coffee flavoured with vanilla powder adds a pleasant finishing fragrance while the Room Brewed Iced Tea is a refreshing escape from the hot weather of Singapore.


Grilled Panini is recommended by Keryl and the flavours available varies from day to day. Simple ingredients such as ham and cheese, makes the sandwich similar to a Hawaiian pizza as the sun-dried tomato chutney provides a nice tangy aftertaste.


Quiche is another recommended main and the overall is relatively light, making me crave for a second piece.


Now for the main highlight, the cafe's signature carrot cake. Since all the baked goods are freshly made by Joanna's aunt, one can guess the niche of this place. Fresh and homely taste. The texture of the carrot cake (in our opinion) falls in between the popular Cedele's and Calendar's so it is moist with a certain degree of body. Moreover, the frosting has a slight tang with bits of apricot, which goes pretty well with the cake.


The light, lemon slice is another highly recommended pastry but would appeal to those who prefers sour desserts.

Lemon Tart

A newcomer for the afternoon, the key lime pie is our favourite among the 3 desserts for a special texture which falls between a tart and a cake. Right balance of sweet and sour.


Apart from the food served in the cafe, there is a small shelf of imported gourmet goods for sale.


Many thanks for Joanna and Keryl for the invitation to experience a laid-back afternoon in their cafe, not forgetting the complimentary meal and the wonderful conversation shared.

Room With A View
17 Carpenter Street
Tel: 6438 4230

Operating hours:
9am to 7pm (Mon to Fri)
10am to 6pm (Sat)
Facebook page


Zoe said...

[html tags went haywire so I deleted and re-posted. :P]

hihi! I'm here!!

Carrot cake is my favourite 'ang moh' dessert!!! I MUST go try out this place! plus, the atmosphere sounds so totally appealing to me!

(eh, if you follow my blogger profile, u will be led to a rather defunct blog. Am still now transiting between livejournal and wordpress , trying to segregate parts of my (online) life. Quite a mess.)

Will subscribe to your blog and vote for you! This is not looking good for a diet plan!!! hee.

Fen said...

Welcome =)

Ah, if carrot cake is one of your favourite dessert, then this will appeal to you. Yea, the concept of this cafe is interesting and comfy.

Thank you for the support. As for a diet plan, I guess there is always plentiful of excuses to indulge. Sugar makes one happy.

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