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Christmas Media Event @ Hilton Singapore

We were pretty honoured to be invited by Hilton Singapore for the hotel's Christmas media event and the post on this event will be split into 2 parts, showing some of the highlights available during the year-end festive feasts at Checkers Brasserie and the Christmas desserts at Checkers Deli.

With 3 major buffets to look out for, the media event showcase some of Chef Sandro's premium roast selections, his new additions and also an extensive seafood array.

Oysters from Canada, New Zealond and Australia

Kicking start the buffet line, the hotel will be bringing in 18 varieties of succulent oysters from six regions - Australia, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Japan and France for the New Year's Eve buffet.

Oyster lovers can look forward to relish premium varieties such as the French Belon (also known to be the King of Oysters), Scottish Loch Fyne and Japanese Kumamoto.

On top of that, Chef Sandro created three types of oysters shooters. Of which, one of them is somewhat similar to salsa with its base focusing on tomato and it turned out to be Yuan's favourite since the sauce is not overwhelming to cover the sweetness of the oysters. The other two is a concoction of lemon, yuzu juice and garlic while the third has some similarities to Thai style sauce that is flavoured with sweet chili and mango. Imagine drinking a freshly shuckled oyster with the accompanying sauce. Indeed an eye-opener.


For the feast on Christmas Eve, the hotel will be bringing in Whole Yellow Fin Tuna, cooked in the style of your choice.

Seared Tuna Station

And one of the options available is to pan-seared them.

Wild Yellow Fin Tuna

Seasoned with 4 different spices and a little salt, the contrasting texture made Yuan went for several rounds. However, this can be salty for some, so for those who are concerned about their sodium level, opt for no salt.

Blinis Station

Executive Chef Sandro is someone who likes to venture new ideas and creations. One of the newly introduced stations on New Year Eve buffet dinner would be the Blinis Station served with quality selection of sturgeon and salmon caviar.

Blinis with Caviar

One of my favourites for the evening and with the option of having it served with various types of cavair and a choice between Smoked Salmon or Kingfish, this light appetizer is addictive to pop. The slight saltiness of the caviar complements pretty nicely with the mild mini pancake topped a slice of Kingfish.

Executive Chef Sandro Falbo

The use of truffle is getting very common in most high end buffets and Checkers Brasserie is making no exception. Introducing the hotel's Executive Chef Sandro Falbo with the Wild Mushroom Risotto.

Wild Mushroom Risotto

I have never been a fan of truffle and this dish caught my attention so much so that I went for a second helping. The fragrance of truffle with slices of mushroom and having served on a block of parmesan cheese, the dish is indeed flavourful.

Honey Glazed Ham with Pineapple Gravy

On our last visit to Hilton's Sunday brunch, we were awed by the carvings served in the hotel and as mentioned in our previous entry, Chef Sandro placed a strong emphasis on slow cooking. Hence, it is without doubt that the meat is well seasoned, juicy and tender.

The Honey Glazed Ham is not overly salty and is even better when served with Pineapple Gravy. Probably the best Honey Baked Ham we had till date in hotel buffets.

Roasted Turkey

Christmas is always incomplete without a Roasted Turkey and the hotel served this Christmas treat with raspberry sauce, brussel sprouts, chestnut and stuffing. Like all the other meat served in Hilton, the meat is so tender and gentle on the teeth.

On Christmas Eve, Checkers Brasserie will be introducing the Spit Roasted Organic Lamb with Mediterranean Spice. Air-flown from Colorado, the lamb is extremely tender due to high levels of marbling and according to Chef Sandro, Hilton Singapore is the first hotel to bring in lamb from Colorado, USA. Setting aside the origin, the whole lamb is seasoned with fennel pollen and 2 unique peppers from Indonesia, long pepper and cubeb flavour, and is roasted over 3 hours. Similar to our previous experience, Yuan liked the lamb the best despite being dreadful about the strong smell of lamb.

Herb and Salt Crusted Roast Prime Rib

Apart from its appearance at Checkers Brasserie's Sunday brunch, the Herb and Salt Crusted Roast Prime Rib is making appearance for both Christmas and New Year. Having ate dinner buffet and brunch buffet at The Line, Melts - the World Cafe- and Triple 3 respectively, nothing beats Chef Sandro's Roast. Carnivores and Carving lovers would not want to miss this out as the tenderness of the meat and seasoning is easily the most understanding among the mentioned buffets.

Apart from what is shown on this post, one can expect Roasted Mediterranean Suckling Pig during Christmas Day Brunch which is stuffed with a well-marbled Kurobuta pork loin. This improvised version of the traditional Italian suckling pig is encrusted in coarse salt and Mediterranean herbs. Like all the other carvings, this is also roasted slowly in the oven and I won't be surprised if the tenderness of the meat is going to wow.

The people behind the scenes for Hilton's Xmas Media Event

Introducing the team of chefs behind the scene of this media event. The smiles and enthusiasm of everybody do bring in the festive mood.

Not forgetting Executive Chef Sandro Falbo's time to bring us around the buffet line and his effort to introducing the components of each speciality.

With the director of operations, marketing communications manager and marketing communications executive

Warmest thank you to Marketing Communications Manager, Ms. Joyce Moo and Marketing Communications Executive, Ms. June Wong for the invitation to Hilton's Christmas Media Event and their warm hospitality.

Lastly, many thanks to the Director of Operations, Mr. Robert E. Gauer. The party wouldn't have been more fun without your hospitality.

Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner (24 December 2010)
From 7pm to 11pm
$128++ per person
$173++ per person including 3 glasses of wine

Christmas Day Brunch (25 December 2010)
From 11:30am to 3:30pm
$145++ per person
$190++ per person including 3 glasses of wine

New Year's Eve Buffet Dinner (31 December 2010)
From 7pm to 11pm
$138++ per person
$183++ per person including 3 glasses of wine

Checkers Brasserie
Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883
Tel: 6730 3390

P.S. Don't miss out the Part II of this entry where Hilton's Log Cakes, Panettone and Festive Innovations are introduced.


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