Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas @ nydc

Most of us would have remembered nydc as a chill-out place after school where we mugged through our physics common tests with E=MC2. After which when exams are over, we call for celebration with all-time favourites such as When Pigs Fly or The Meatball that Ate Manhattan. In Singapore, when it is sunny year round, Jedi Mudster is a must-have in nydc and often we will end off with a Big O.

NYDC Bugis

Earlier this year, nydc has also grown up with us. Gone were the cutesy menu and the 2-seaters, nydc expanded their menu and created new outlook to all their cafes using red and white as their main theme.

Although the familiarity of nydc is gone, do note that the regular favourites are still served in the restaurant.


We have received an invite to nydc's Christmas Media Tasting to try the restaurant's festive platters, log cakes as well as festive menus.

Christmas starts early with the decorations put up at nydc, Bugis Junction and according to the General Manager, Nesh, special attention has been placed on upper deck of this branch to provide a comfy corner and this private corner can be reserved with a group of 20 people.

Holiday Punch

Mocktails or festive concoctions is something that can go fantastically right or horrendously wrong due to the high probability of making one that resembles like cough syrup. In this case, I do enjoy the drink pretty much for its resemblance to a lighter, refreshing variant of ribena.

Jolly Max Platter

Platters are always a favourite among friends for its variety and portions (meant for 4); and nydc introduce 2 types of platters (available from 15 November 2010 - 31 December 2010), namely the Jolly Max Platter ($36.90++) and All American Fry ($32.90++). The former is a mixed grill combo, comprising of ribeye, fall-off-the-bone pork ribs, succulent lamb chop, BBQ wings and tender chicken breast seasoned in special blends; and is accompanied by baked potatoes, buttery green peas, baby carrots and grilled pineapple rings.

All American Fry

And for seafood lovers, one can expect a good mix of battered prawns, chicken strips, dory fingers and calamari in the All American Fry. One thing good about the platter lies in the fried items being crisp and not soaking in oil. Further I like the idea of including celery sticks in the platter. It is refreshing to chew on celery after eating all the fried food.

Cream of Pumpkin

Personally, I am not a fan of Pumpkin soup. Though the cream of pumpkin was smooth, I found the seasoning a little salty for my liking and would have preferred the sweeter variant.

Stuff me over

These festive mains, only available from 24 Dec to 26 Dec 2010, did surprise me alittle. My memories of nydc revolved around the meatballs and pizzas but instead these regulars are not seen in any of the 3 festive mains.

Stuffed Me Over ($33.90++, inclusive of the holiday punch, cream of pumpkin, coffee/tea and a slice of log cake) shares similar concept to a roasted turkey. "Stuffing" in the form of diced vegetables, bacon, bread cubes and roast with mirepoix is introduced into this main course. Although the stuffings used are not very strong in taste, neither is herbs used in the marination, these play a role in trapping moisture of the chicken, keeping the meat tender and moist.

Angel's Delight

The Angel's Delight ($37.90++, inclusive of the holiday punch, cream of pumpkin, coffee/tea and a slice of log cake) is my personal favourite among the Xmas offerings, this pan-seared cod fish is done just right to my liking. The accompanying sauce fits nicely to the light taste of the fish and the essence of the fish oil blended perfectly with the meat, giving it a succulent texture. Instead of the regular fries and wedges, the mashed potato goes pretty well with the fish. Pretty sure this is going to be a favourite among the females.

Mrs Claus's Secret Recipe

Mrs Claus's Secret Recipe ($29.90++, inclusive of the holiday punch, cream of pumpkin, coffee/tea and a slice of log cake), a hearty 200g ribeye seasoned with bold spice is a little disappointing compared with the previous 2 mains. The meat served that day was overcooked and the sauce was too buttery to our liking.

Chocolate Divine

Log cakes is something that is good to have in any gatherings and this Christmas, nydc has introduced the Chocolate Divine($49 for 1 kg) and Cookie Grande ($49 for 1 kg). Like most patisseries, the log cakes are only available in 1 size, 1kg but unlike most, this is not the regular buttercream with sponge log cakes. Instead, Chocolate Divine is a nice blend of light chocolate ganache rolled within a soft chocolate sponge. One of my major complains towards log cakes is the powdery and dry texture of the cake sponge but this flaw is not found in nydc's log cakes. The overall is relatively moist and light but may appeal more to the sweeter tooth.

Cookie Grande

Chocolate log cakes are the most common flavours available and for people who wants something different but yet not heavy on the palette, one can consider the Cookie Grande. The white cream in the middle resembles that of the cream between your typical oreo cookie. The cream is wrapped with soft vanilla sponge. In general, readers may find both log cakes alittle sweet but no harm indulging during this festive season. Ultimately, sugar makes one happy.

Log Cake Cross Section

To a certain extent, most would have fond memories of this place and having stepped into nydc that has adopted a new form of branding, one couldn't help but to miss the old one. Different opinions kicked in after trying the new dishes introduced by the restaurant. In a way or another, the new additions to the menu does portray the direction nydc is trying to bring about. More options to cater to a wider market. In our conversation with Nesh, he is aware that diners like Yuan and myself stop frequenting NYDC as we age and he hopes that this re-branding can bring former diners back to this usual hang out.

Note that UOB cardholders are entitled to the following perks,
25% discount from 15 November 2010 to 30 November 2010
15% discount from 1 December 2010 to 20 December 2010

Free Flow of Coke/Sprite with order of ONE Christmas Star Platter AND minimum 2 entrées
*Each entrée is entitled to 1 Free Flow Drink
*Up to 4 Free Flow Drinks per table/bill

Special thanks to Nesh and Evien for the invite and the opportunity to understand how one of our school days hangout has evolved.

Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021
Tel: 6333 3161

Note: There are 5 more outlets, namely Holland Village, Wheelock Place, Bugis Junction, Velocity@Novena Square, Tampines 1 with one more opening soon at Bedok Point.


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