Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chocolate Origin

Chocolate Origin 1

Having eaten so many chocolate fudge cakes, this one from Chocolate Origin left a deep impression for its thick layer of chocolate ganache. The ganache layer is actually thicker than the sponge as opposed to most other fudge cakes. For someone like Yuan who prefers mousse and ganache over sponge, this chocolate fudge cake earns a thumbs up from him. A 6-inch cake goes at $29 which is certainly value for money.

Chocolate Origin 2

Chocolate Origin
Blk 4 Changi Village
Singapore 500004
Tel: 6542 2939
Email: cakes@chocolate-origin.com


Anonymous said...

this looks yummy. but is it very sweet? am looking for a rich and fudgy cake. i love the gateau/mousse parts of the cake more than sponge too!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!!!can wait to lay my hands on it!!Yummy!!!!

Fen said...

The sweetness is fine, I have came across sweeter ones. If you prefer gateau or mousse more than cake, can consider giving this a shot.

Candice Koh said...

Hello :) May I ask is this the ORIGINAL or Dark Chocolate flavoured that you reviewed? Do you think the cake is moist & too sweet? Thanks alot :))

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