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Ben & Jerry's - Milk Us A Flavor Name

Ben & Jerry's has launched a new flavour and this time round, it came nameless. From 18 July 2011 onwards, Singaporeans get to name this latest flavour via Twitter and before we continue with the details of the naming campaign, here is a short description of what it is.

hashtag #benjerryflavor

Vanilla ice-cream packed with generous slabs of chocolate-coated toffee crunch, might be sweet to some but this flavour earns a thumbs-up from Yuan and my family. The toffee crunch resembles to eating caramelized popcorn and as usual, one can expect huge chunks of these in the ice-cream.

Starting from 18 July 2011, this flavour will be available at all Ben & Jerry's scoop shops. At the same time, the naming campaign starts on Twitter.

MIlk Us a Flavour Name

It is very simple to participate. All you need to do is swing by any Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop, sample the flavour and tweet a name using the hashtag #benjerryflavor. To qualify for the contest, fans have to first follow the Ben & Jerry's Singapore Twitter page at The first 500 tweeters to suggest a name will receive a virtual "cowpon" which entitles them to one scoop of the new flavour at the Ben & Jerry's scoop shop in VivoCity.

Apart from having an ice-cream named after you, a Ben and Jerry's hamper worth $300 (includes a personalised Ben & Jerry's ice-cream scoop) is waiting to be won.

On 29 July, submissions close and the top five suggestions will be chosen. In the interest of de-moo-cracy, these five names are then offered back to the public for a round of voting. Fans can cast their vote by retweeting their chosen entry on Twitter. The voting period ends on 5 August. After a cooling off period of three days, the winning entry will be announced on 8 August and the new flavour will be officially named on 15 August 2011.

Ice-cream condiments

As part of the moolet program of Ben and Jerry's, we were invited to the Milk Us a Flavor Name Moolet Gathering. It was nice to catch up with the crew of Unilever and GOODSTUPH. With unlimited supply of ice-cream and moo-licious milkshake, it was very nice of them to prepare lots of topping for us to design our own sundae.

B&J Event on 19 July 2011

Like little kids, everybody was drawn to the colourful toppings and Yuan decided to be adventurous with the savoury toppings. He topped the new nameless ice-cream with 旺仔小馒头 (Hot-Kid Baby Melt), Prawn Crackers, Twisties, Bacon Bits, Potato Chips, Dried Anchovies and Tomyan Seaweed.

An interesting combination of savoury and sweet.

Surprisingly the bacon bits goes well with the ice-cream as the sweetness makes it tasted similar to Pork Floss; while the neutral tasting 旺仔小馒头 compliments with the sweet creamy base. As for the rest of the toppings, it was disastrous and we concluded Ben and Jerry's ice-cream to be good on its own.

Savoury Ben & Jerry's Sundae

Anyway, we are suppose to share this sundae recipe with our readers and garner votes through our comments section. Though it is something that you may not want to try, we do hope to get some support to get the Ben and Jerry's ice-cream vouchers to share with all of you. So, 請多多指教 and drop us a comment.

Should we win this "Let's milk em sundaes" contest, we will drop you an email to ask for your mailing address and pass you the vouchers. =) So don't forget to leave your email address behind.

Last but not least, many thanks to Jean and Kenneth from Unilever Singapore and Pat, Daphne and Cheryl of GOODSTUPH for the invite and their wonderful company.

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HungryTrotters said...

Those savoury toppings are interesting! :) I wouldn't mind that one. Ben and Jerry's with Singapore touch :)

Fen said...

Hi Loraine,

Thank you for your comment. =)

How's life on your side, hope all is well. Do let us know when you swing by for another round of holiday.


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