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Carlton Durian Dinner Buffet

From now to 15 August 2011, Carlton Hotel brings back the popular durian buffet at Cafe Mosaic. Before tempting you with a huge variety of durian desserts, several things have changed since our last visit in 2009. The hotel's cafe has undergone a major make-over and this newly renovated Cafe Mosaic awaits to bring in more dining comfort and live stations to satisfy the hungry.

Durian lovers will only be delighted for the extensive selection of durian desserts with more than 20 varieties. Since this entry is to highlight the creative and mouth-watering durian desserts, the first half of the entry will briefly highlight the new stations introduced to Cafe Mosaic.

Cafe Mosaic

The new Cafe Mosaic showcases a new section of the buffet, featuring live stations serving clams and mussels cooked a la minute upon request; BBQ chicken wings, Veal Sausages, Beef Steak, Mee Siam, Sambal Stingray, Baby Back Ribs and Fresh Oysters are also available along this new stretch.

BBQ Chicken Wings & Veal Sausages

Served with Sambal Belacan, local favourite, Sambal Stingray is a dish not to be missed for the thick slab of stingray being succulent and fresh.

Sambal Stingray & Baby Back Ribs

The other highlight of this area is the Clams and Mussels station, featuring a selection of New Zealand Green Head Mussels, Pacific Clams, Local Brown Mussels, Local Flower Clams and Fresh Cockles.

Live Station for Clams & Mussels

Apart from the extensive selection of shellfish, 4 styles of cooking is available, namely Ginger Oyster Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, White Wine Sauce and Sambal Chili, served with condiments such as Chili Lime Sauce, Cincalok and Calamansi.

Mussels & Clams served with White Wine Sauce

The new Cafe Mosaic also presents a bigger variety of hot stations and the Braised Oxtail is one of the dishes not to be missed. While the other dishes are rotated, this signature dish remains on the buffet line everyday for being the most popular item.

Hot Stations
Starting from the front,
Deep Fried Oat Fish Fingers, Braised Beef Oxtail, Wok-fried Chicken Diced with Yam Ring, Crispy Ngoh Hiang, Yong Tau Fu with Spicy Seafood Sauce, Braised Pork Belly with Mushroom, Mutton Ribs Curry, etc

Now to the star of the buffet, the amazing spread of durian desserts. Do note that these desserts are also available during weekday teatime from 2:30pm to 5:30pm so it is something that durian lovers would not want to miss.

One of the more interesting dessert would be the Durian Beetroot Tart for its interesting mix of sweet and savoury.

Durian desserts with Durian Beetroot Tart (in focus)

Durian Chocolate Cream Puffs is another that caught our attention for its presentation and outstanding choux pastry. Like the Tarte Tatin, the cream puff is presented in an upside-down manner with soft chewy choux pastry, durian puree and chocolate cream (to moisten the entire pastry).

Durian Gula Melaka Panna Cotta has a local flavour for the use of Gula Melaka and coconut milk. The Gula Melaka is well-prepared and has a liqour-like taste which is not too sweet and the slight bitterness makes the durian akin to the popular XO durian.

Durian Swiss Roll & Signature Durian Cake

The Durian Swiss Roll, though on the mild side for durian lovers, the sponge is meltingly soft, rolled finely with the durian puree.

Carlton's signature durian cake is also available in the buffet and is another light durian dessert served with a light sponge cake, durian puree and mousse.

Making Durian Roti Jala

One of the must-try items in this buffet is the Durian Roti Jala. Roti Jala is actually a Malay snack that is usually eaten with curry but in this version, the slightly sweetened soft dough has been wrapped with durian puree with a texture smooth like custard yet taste like the real fruit.

Durian Roti Jala, Deep Fried Durian Sesame Ball & Durian Fritters

Apart from the Durian Roti Jala that is made fresh at this live station, Deep-Fried Durian Sesame Ball and Durian Fritter deserved a huge thumbs-up. Apart from the same durian filling as the Durian Roti Jala, it is interesting to enjoy the King of Fruits in a similar manner as our local snacks such as the Fried Glutinous Rice Sesame Balls (Ji Zhou) and Banana Fritter.

Durian Pengat

Durian Pengat, a very common durian dessert, is outstanding for its thick, flavourful and pulpy texture. One of the more popular item in the buffet line for the generous chunks of durian that appeal greatly to durian lovers.

From front: Durian macarons, Durian Chocolate Cream Puffs, Durian Gula Melaka Panna Cotta, Durian Pandan Cream

The list of durian desserts goes on and on; and the style of Chef Jackie is focused on creativity. To a certain extent, some of the durian pastries are inspired from popular desserts. The Durian Cone (Durian puree served in a waffle cone, topped with meringue) mimics a lemon meringue tart while Durian Frangipane Meringue tart, Durian Millefeuille, Durian Creme Burlee Tart and Durian Chocolate are classic desserts coupled with durian goodness.

To cater to local palette, Chef Jackie also incorporates the use of Jackfruit, Pandan and Sweet Potato for his Durian Jackfruit Tart, Durian Pandan Cream, and Durian Bo Bo Cha Cha.

Although the fresh shuckled durians are no longer available in Carlton's Durian Buffet, the amount of durian desserts this buffet gets to offer is bound to satisfy durian lovers.

Non-durian lovers do not have to dread for this delectable international buffet spread has a good selection of desserts which includes Bread and Butter Pudding, Chocolate Fondue, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake, Tiramisu. Chendol and Ice-Cream.

Do note that this durian-themed buffet is only available till 15 August 2011..

Special thanks to Ms. Leung Yi Wen, Marketing Communications Manager for acceding to our photography request, her time to introduce the durian buffet and the complimentary buffet dinner. Also a big thank you to restaurant manager, Mr. Lucas, Exeuctive Chef Kelvin and Pastry Chef Jackie for warm hospitality to make this meal enjoyable.

Durian Buffet Dinner
15 June 2011 to 15 August 2011 (6:30pm to 10:30pm)
$58++(A) $29++(C, 5 - 12 yrs)
For Durian Dinner Buffet, UOB and Citibank card members get 10% off the total bill.

Durian Dessert A La Carte High Tea Buffet
15 June 2011 to 15 August 2011 (2:30pm - 5:30pm)
$29++(A) $15++(C, 5 - 12 yrs)
For Durian Dessert High Tea Buffet, UOB and Citibank card members get 15% off the total bill or 1 dines free with every 3 diners.

Note that the following durian desserts are available for take-away,

Durian Desserts for Take-Away 2011

Café Mosaic
Carlton Hotel Singapore
76 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189558
Tel: 6311 8195


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