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Fullerton Chocolate Buffet 2011

Fullerton Hotel's signature chocolate buffet is something most chocoholics would not want to miss. Since our last visit in 2009, this is one of the buffets that has left a very deep impression, be it the desserts, ambience and experience.

Fullerton Chocolate Buffet

This chocolate buffet has a legacy of nine years at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and is available on Friday and Saturday evenings at the charming Courtyard located at the hotel lobby.

Signatures of Fullerton Hotel

These four cakes are the must-try in the entire buffet as they are the signatures of the hotel.

Starting from the left, Coffee Chocolate Fudge is a newcomer. Using Fudge Chocolate as the theme, the resulting effect is heavy but extremely smooth on the chocolate sponge. With a chocolate content of 75%, the coffee fragrance comes naturally from the cocao bean with no added coffee extracts nor espresso. In addition, the coffee glaze is prepared by boiling fresh coffee beans for 3 to 4 hours to get the coffee essence before incorporating with the other ingredients to form the glaze.

Fullerton Chocolate Cake, is a classic combination of rich chocolate ganache, crispy feuillantine, chocolate sponge, finished with a dark chocolate glaze. The richest cake among the 4 that bound to bring your level of endorphins to the maximum.

Manjari Lavender has a unique 7 layers with the focus on the chocolate mousse. To incorporate the floral beauty of lavender, fresh lavender flowers are dried and dehydrated before boiling with the cream for 3 to 4 hours. The lavender-infused cream is then used to prepare the chocolate mousse. The chocolate mousse is so smooth and melts in the mouth with a nice floral aftertaste lingering in the palette.

Espresso Coffee Cake, the creation that earns a big thumbs-up for the delicate inter-layers of soft chocolate sponge and chocolate mousse. Like the Coffee Chocolate Fudge, the cocao bean used has a natural fragrance of coffee with no added extract nor components. This 64% bitter chocolate cake is amazingly delicate and fine with its layers that it is bound to make one carve for more. To create the shiny glaze of this cake, the hotel's Executive Pastry Chef Chris Busschaert prepared clear jam (made from pure fruits) and extracted the flavour of the jam before cooking with sugar, glucose and 100% cocao powder.

Raspberry Brownie Cheesecake, Chocolate Creme Brulee and Chocolate Brownies

Apart from the absence of artificial extracts and components, Chef Chris makes sure each of the cakes are different by adopting different recipes and techniques in making the chocolate sponge, mousse, gauche and glaze so as to ensure that each of the chocolate creations are different and not repetitive.

Assorted Valrhona Pralines

Assorted Valrhona pralines are also part of the buffet selection.

Macarons, Tarts and Cakes

For those who prefers their macarons shells to be lightly crisp, floral and chewy with a thin layer of chocolate filling, do not miss them out while visiting the chocolate buffet.

Banana Chocolate Tart and Salted Caramel Tart are delicious in our opinion. While the former has a light chocolate mousse infused strongly with banana, the latter earns the nods for the molten core of salted caramel oozing out to bring out the good contrast.

Chocolate Shooters

While the cakes are stronger in its chocolate content, the shooters are lighter and combined with various components to savour different flavours in a mouthful. One of the shooters is even topped with wasabi sponge and served with chocolate and lime t
o cater to the Asian crowd of this buffet.
Others that left an impression were the Lychee Tiramisu and Salted Caramel Popcorn with the use of lighter ingredients to complement the white chocolate mousse.

The cherry component of Hazelnut Chocolate Exotic Shooter, Cherry, Pistachio White Chocolate Shooter and Chocolate Vanilla Panna Cotta with Cherry brings along some tang and twist, making chocolate not so cloying nor boring when consumed in huge quantities.

Executive Pastry Chef Chris Busschaert at the Hot Chocolate Station

The highlight of the chocolate buffet is the Hot Chocolate Connoisseurs' Bar, where a chef creates a bespoke cup of premium hot chocolate a la minute for guests who can choose from a selection of eight different percentage of cocoa. The selection includes
  • Ivory (white chocolate)
  • Noisette 32% (as the name suggests, with the fragrance of hazelnut)
  • Jivara 40% (with notes of malt and vanilla)
  • Tainori 64% (with strong fruity overtones)
  • Abinao 85% (for strong, lingering bitter intensity)
  • Araguani 72% (another one with fruity overtones)
  • Guanaja 70% (with floral notes)
This is one of the stations which we enjoyed for each of the chocolates are distinctive in its own way and by drinking it back to back, it does allow one to distinguish the unique characterisitcs of each chocolate. To spice up the experience, don't miss out Xocopili (Chilli Chocolate).

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate fountains are also available and don't miss out on the chocolate madeleines, orange madeleines and plain shoe puff pastry for chocolate dips.

Live Station - Crepe Suzette served flambé

A new live station introduced to the buffet, Crepe Suzette with Caramel Orange Sauce. This is one station that served the crepe flambé with orange sauce and alcohol.

Chocolate Souffle

Another favourite dessert of ours, Hot Chocolate Souffle, baked a la minute. This fluffy, light chocolate dessert is only baked upon ordering and served hot to your table by the service staff. This indeed completes the entire experience with great satisfaction.

With the orchestra trio playing in the Courtyard, the experience offered is beyond words. Although the selection has reduced compared to our last visit, most of the chocolate desserts were better and have left a very deep impression. It is amazing to have several chocolate cakes eaten back to back and yet each of them are distinctive and unique. In addition, the Hot Chocolate station allows one to appreciate the characteristics of chocolate and it was only after our visit in 2009 that makes us realize that chocolates is not just sweet nor bitter.

10IMG_648Executive Pastry Chef Chris Busschaert of The Fullerton Singapore6A

Many thanks to Marketing Communications Executive, Ms. Denice Lim for her warm hospitality and the complementary chocolate buffet. The photos would not have been possible without all her arrangements. Special thanks to Executive Chef Chris Busschaert for his time to introduce us to his creations.

Chocolate buffet is available on Friday and Saturday evenings from 8pm to 11pm and is served with unlimited coffee and tea at $38++ per adult or $46++ with a glass of dessert wine.

North Courtyard
The Fullerton Singapore
1 Fullerton Square Singapore
Singapore 049178
Tel: 6877 8129


Anonymous said...

The cakes look amazing! But I don't think I can stomach so much chocolate back to back without feeling ill :X

Fen said...

I think the cakes are available for take-away except for the Fullerton Chocolate Cake which requires advance orders but I am not sure if they are available in sliced...

I can help you check if you are keen. Moreover, Chef Chris has jus launched a new line of cakes at the Deli so it would be worthwhile to take a look.

Clara said...

Wait a minute?
How did you get the Hot Chocolate Souffle?
Was it on the buffet table or did you order it a la carte?
Sorry I had to ask as the last time I was there 2 years ago, i don't recall eating it.

Fen said...

The Hot Chocolate Souffle is near the Hot Chocolate Station and is prepared a la minute. You might have missed that out as you need to inform the staff at the Hot Chocolate Station to get them to prepare for you and after which they will serve it to your table.

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

is this worth a try?

Fen said...

I often recommend the chocolate buffet to my friends for the experience and not being value-for-money (there is just a limited amount of chocolates one can eat).

It is quite relaxing to enjoy the sweets the hotel has put up with the pianist or orchestral trio playing in the background.

Anonymous said...

Do we need to make any reservations or can we just walk in?

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