Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Vicky's Chocolate Fudge Cake

Chocolate Fudge Cake is one type of cake that I started to enjoy only after the birth of this blog and prior to that, I simply cannot understand how these one product shops (or rather close to) can survive on just selling chocolate fudge cakes.

Searching through the internet, forums will mention big names such as Lana Cake Shop, Jane's Cake Station, Choc.a.Bloc, Awfully Chocolate when asked for recommendations for chocolate fudge cake.

I can't remember the details of each cake but for sure, I am one that fancy soft and moist chocolate sponge so Lana Cake Shop is the least favoured among the four but that is also one cake shop whom many has grown up with and has stirred a fair bit of rebuttal in the internet community.

Whenever, Lana Cake Shop is mentioned, Vicky's Chocolate Fudge Cake will definitely be seen somewhere in the same post and it is also through the comments on my Lana Cake Shop that makes me purchased a cake from them.


Now I know why, apart from Lana Cake Shop adopting a rectangular shape for their Chocolate Fudge Cake, this is the other that is in the same shape.


As described by most, this is extremely soft and moist with a smooth chocolate fudge. Comparing this with Awfully Chocolate's All Chocolate which Yuan had on the same day, he felt that Vicky's sponge is slightly salty and chewy while he described Awfully Chocolate's to be a sweeter and more moist variant.

To me, my preference inclined more towards Vicky's and this is definitely a good alternative to my favourite Choc.a.bloc for both convenience and pricing. While Choc.a.bloc priced its 800gm cake at $32 and Awfully Chocolate selling their 1kg All Chocolate at $51.60, Vicky's 1kg Chocolate Fudge Cake cost merely $35. In addition, with Vicky's pleasant service as what most has highlighted, this definitely worth a trip and many thanks to my readers for recommending their Chocolate Fudge Cake to us.

28 Holland Grove Road
Singapore 278805
Tel: 6466 4000


taster said...

Actually these chocolate fudge cakes are Devil's Food Cake, because the shiny frosting(not fudge) are made with lots of water. Real Chocolate Fudge Cakes are the thick fudgy ones you can find at NYDC or most western cafe.

Fen said...

According to wikipedia, Devil's Food Cake refers to a rich coffee chocolate layer cake while "fudge cake" is an American South term for a dense, single layer chocolate cake served with or without icing.

My understanding is that the chocolate fudge is a layer of cocoa, sugar and butter so if the texture is very creamy or "watery", shouldn't it be due to a higher butter to cocoa ratio? If water is added, wouldn't it be too "watery" to remain as a firm layer after being left at at room temperature for hours?

I have not baked one, just a random guess. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

taster said...

The chocolate fudge that I know of for Chocolate Fudge Cake is very dense and dry so it is not glossy. It normally uses butter, dry icing sugar and melted chocolate.

For Devil's Food cake, it is supposed to be very glossy and can contain melted chocolate, butter and water for the frosting.

The sponge for Devil's Food Cake is softer than Chocolate Fudge Cake and goes with a glossy and light chocolate frosting. The sponge for Chocolate Fudge Cake is dense to go with the dense and dry chocolate fudge. So one is a light cake and the other is a dense cake.

Even if you use lots of butter for the Chocolate Fudge Cake frosting and leave out water, the frosting should not be glossy. Maybe some bakers melted the butter when they should not have. The right way to make Fudge frosting is un-melted butter mix with icing sugar and melted chocolate.

The water used in the frosting for Devil's food cake is mixed with sugar and butter on the warm stove and then the broken chocolate bar is added in. So the cocoa fat from the chocolate bar helps the frosting stay together.

Awfully Chocolate's "Chocolate Fudge Cake" is definitely Devil's Food Cake because it is very glossy and contains lots of water.

Fudge cakes from The Patissier and Opus Deli are definitely Chocolate Fudge Cakes. I'm am not so sure about the others.

If the frosting of Vicky's Fudge cake is smooth, then it could be something in between.

Fen said...

Hmm... I did notice two distinctive types of chocolate cakes and since the composition or rather the layers are similar, I have classified them as chocolate fudge cakes for convenience.

From my old entries, Opus Deli and The Patissier indeed look less glossy than the rest but the glossy characteristics is not solely on water since converture chocolate is also shiny. No? That was why I always thought that the shiny, "light" fudge is due to icing sugar, just like how it gives the gloss and chewy texture to macarons.

Saw my sister and my dad baked a few chocolate and carrot cakes some time back and I thought the moist and light sponge is due to water and oil. If a cake is baked using butter and no water, the cake tends to be slightly dense but when vegetable oil is added, it seems to be quite foul-proof to get a "soft" cake.

I happened to chance upon this recipe and apparently not all frosting of Devil's Food Cake contains water.

Maybe I should look for a chocolate fudge recipe to try on, getting confusing.

But nevertheless, thank you so much for explaining the differences to me. Appreciated it. =)

taster said...

The fudge from Opus Deli and The Patissier have a little shine because of butter oil in the chocolate but I wouldn't call them glossy because to me, glossy reminds me of reflective car paint or the shiny surface of custard cream.

The frosting from Awfully Chocolate has a consistency of watery custard cream whereas the one from Opus Deli has the consistency of thick peanut butter. Custard cream does use lots of water and looks glossy.

The frosting of the cake recipe from the Nigella website does contain water from the cream. There are many ways to make the frosting but the main difference between Devil's Food Cake and Chocolate Fudge Cake is that one is soft, moist and light, the other is dense, dry and heavy.

I think the main difference I use to tell between a Devil's Food Cake from a Chocolate Fudge Cake is that one has frosting like watery custard cream and has moist and soft light sponge and the other has frosting like thick peanut butter and has dry and dense heavy sponge.

taster said...

Here's a video of Nigella making Devil's Food Cake

Fen said...

Hmm... Custard seems to be quite a spot-on in describing the chocolate "fudge" layer.

I guess my preference incline more towards a Devil's Food Cake and should I need a good chocolate fix, I would prefer a rich dark chocolate mousse.

Finally got some time to watch the video and thank you so much for posting it. Was trying to make some crossiants over the weekend and now I am so tempted to make a Devil's Food Cake. Wish me luck and hopefully I get to blog about it real soon. =)

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