Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Macarons from ET Artisan Sweets

Macarons from ET Artisan Sweets

Henry's Park Apartments is a good place for chocolate fudge cake fix and macarons given how near Vicky's is to ET Artisan Sweets.

Apart from macarons and cupcakes, they used to have a list of cakes posted on their website and I recalled emailing to them to ask them about it. Should you see this list of cakes once more, the shop requires pre-ordering for whole cake orders and do not have sliced cakes for sale due to their small production kitchen.

The other niche that ET Artisan Sweets has is the lovely customized cakes which you can view on their facebook page. Be warned, you will be blown away by their beautiful collections.

Anyway, back to the macaron talk, personally, I thought that the colour was way too vibrant. Available in a good range of flavours such as rose, mocha chip, summerberry, lemon raspberry, vanilla, peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut, mint, raspberry, etc, these macarons are sold in boxes of 5 ($11), 9 ($19), 15 ($30), 18 ($36).

Made from 100% Californian almonds with either 70% chocolate ganache or whipped cream, the general texture of the shells is coarse and just slight chewy. Resembles closer to a cookie with an extremely dense shells and when compared to the others, this is definitely an above average macaron.

8 days - Macarons special

Blackforest, a liquor macaron with generous servings of cherries was highly recommended by 8 days some time back (pitted against Jewels, Canele, Carousel, TWG and other big names), is outstanding for its good contrast of sweet, chocolate and liquor. However, for liquor macarons, Cream Cheese macarons remains our top favourite.

Vanilla Bean is lovely in its way for the crunchy bits of chocolate balls in its filling and it being the least sweet.

Finally, rose was ok in our opinion as we recalled the good old Canele (texture of macaron is very close to Canele's violette but the flavour of flavour is more outstanding, thereby leaving a deeper impression) and the recent Blush, Hilton Singapore's Valentine special leaving a deeper impression.

In summary, it still voices down to individual's preference and I would prefer a softer, chewier macaron with powering flavours.

ET Artisan Sweets
32 Holland Grove Road
Singapore 278807
Tel: 6468 6700

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