Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cafe Ma Maison

Mango Brulee Tart

Described by the cafe to be made from top quality Thailand mango with a Creme Brulee Base, this tart shares a common characteristic with Mangoesity. That is, the mango is really sweet and offers generous chunks of mango. The pastry base is closer to that of a puff with a chewy interior. Sad to say, the initial bite was heavenly but you will find it oily on the second bite.

Mont Blanc

As for the Mont Blanc tart, this uses a thin crust with a domanda cream as its base, and is topped with creme de marrons, fresh chestnuts and gold flakes. Similarly to the Mango Brulee Tart, the Mango Brulee Tart is too sweet and has a similar puff-like tart shell. No doubt the chestnut cream is smooth but sad to say the sweetness is just not for me.

Interesting combinations but only recommended for people with high sugar tolerance.

Cafe Ma Maison
Parco Millenia Marina Bay
9 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039596
Tel: 6336-8260

Operating hours:
11am to 9:30pm
Facebook Page


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the mont blanc there!

FaithCheong said...

Seriously I wished this cafe is in Malaysia.. I really love the Mont Blanc ~ Miss it =(

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