Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Special - Hilton Singapore

Saint Valentine's Day is just a week away and I still remember the good old days in school where the boys appeared in schools with chocolates and flowers while among the girls, there were exchanges of handmade gifts and gerberas.

In addition, as I grow older, I came to realize that February 14th is not the only Valentine Day. To the Chinese, the seventh day of the seventh lunar month is also known to be the Chinese Valentine's Day (i.e. 七夕节 or Magpie Festival).

Whichever the case, pastry lovers will be delighted that this is the time to go dessert hunting as cakes, chocolates and macarons start appearing in the form of pink hearts.

Valentine comes early for us as Hilton Singapore has generously delivered Executive Chef Christophe Grilo's Valentine's sweet pastry creations to us.

Hilton's Valentine Special 2011

Our favourite among the three, Two's A Company, a duo of heart-shaped passion fruit, banana and caramel cake. As we have always highlight in our previous entries, Chef Christophe has never disappoint with his use of ingredients and it is an understatement to say that this is beautifully executed.

Two's A Company

Light banana sponge cake is glazed with tangy homemade banana-passionfruit jam, and filled with white chocolate mousse and passion fruit-banana caramel. The fruity caramel is a delicious marriage of caramel cream, banana puree and passionfruit puree. A layer of blush-hued white chocolate dust on the outside mirrors the warm and fuzzy feeling of love.

Two's A Company

The plus point, it comes as a pair and that this cake is sturdy enough to withstand our humid weather for more than 4 hours but yet the cake remains meltingly smooth and soft. The minus point, since white chocolate mousse is used, it might be alittle sweet to some.

Forever Yours

Forever Yours, a chocolate creation consists of a heart-shaped chocolate shell encasing raspberry and coconut truffles. The use of homemade ruby-red raspberry dust made from real raspberries, provides a nice tang to neutralize the sweetness of the white chocolate and coconut milk ganache.

Raspberry and coconut truffles

I have previously raved about Hilton's cream cheese macarons and this Valentine, Chef Christophe introduce Blush, a rose and raspberry macaroon. Instead of cream cheese filling or buttercream, white chocolate cream infused with rose water from Lebanon and tart raspberry marmalade is used as the filling to complement the light pink shells to resemble the glow of couples in love.

For those who are looking for set meals on this special day, Hilton Singapore is offering two types of dinner menu at il Cielo Italian Restaurant and Checkers Brasserie respectively.

Located by the poolside on top of the 24-storey hotel, il Cielo Italian Restaurant is an ideal choice to dine under the stars. With the menu designed by Hilton Singapore Executive Chef Sandro Flabo and Italian Chef Stefano Arrigoni, this $238++ five-course dinner includes,

An Antipasto Platter of Love -
Oysters, Caviar, Foie Gras and Crystal Bay Prawns.
Homemade Heart-Shaped Pasta filled with Alaskan Crab in aromatic Saffron Caviar Sauce
A Choice Of Mains -
Vanilla-flavoured Lobster and Rose Petal Potatoes and Seabass on Barley Risotto
Pan-fried Veal Tenderloin with Parma Ham, Porcini and Truffles
A Raspberry Vanilla and Rose Cake for two


Alternatively, Checkers Brasserie offers a four-course Valentine's Day dinner for two ($188++ per couple). This menu features

Starter - Scallops and Salmon Carpaccio with Caviar
Mains -
Baked French Seabass
or Braised Lamb Ribs
Dessert - Bouquet of Roses made from a Raspberry, Vanilla and Rose Mille Feuille

Last but not least, we would like to express a big thank you to Marketing Communications Manager, Ms. Joyce Moo and Marketing Communications Executive, Ms. June Wong for the kind generousity for the Valentine pastries. Do note that 2 of the photos that are uploaded on this post is obtained from Hilton Singapore's press release and it is obvious which are the two. =)

Dining Under the Stars
il Cielo Italian restaurant
Five-course dinner at $238++ per couple
7pm - 10:30pm
For reservations, call 6730 3395

Valentine's Day Dinner
Checkers Brasserie
Four-course dinner at $188++ per couple
7pm - 10pm
For reservations, call 67303390

Valentine-inspired sweet pastry creations are available at Checkers Deli from 8 February.
Checkers Deli
11am - 9pm, daily
For orders and enquiries, call 6730 3392


Miss Tam Chiak said...

The heart shape sponge cake is so pretty!

Fen said...

Indeed, it is.

Anyway, Two's A Company cost $48.15 nett while Forever Yours is $32.15.

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