Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pleasant surprise for Arinco King fans

More known for their salted caramel roll, Arinco King, has some pleasant surprises.

First, there is 50% discount for all items till 28th Feb 10, so Salted Caramel Roll is now priced at $9, Maccha Roll at $7.50. Do note that Vanilla Roll ($7.50) and sandcakes ($1.50) were sold out by I reached there at 8pm. Note that my sister visited Arinco King today and was told that 25th Feb 10 is the last day of promotion. Also all the items except the Salted Caramel Roll are sold out already.

Arinco King also launched a couple of new products such as the Strawberry Shortcake, which comes in 2 sizes, $20 for a large-sized cake as shown below; and 2 more flavours namely, the Chocolate Cake and Berry Lite Shortcake in smaller sizes (priced at $5).

Strawberry Shortcake

Judging from my previous experiences with their sandcakes and salted caramel roll, Arinco King's vanilla sponge is uniquely springy and soft. Unlike the conventional chiffon which is porious, the vanilla sponge has a slight chewy texture. Its fluffy whipped cream with no use of egg yolks is pretty close to Tampopo's Scoop Cake.

Although the same vanilla sponge and whipped cream is used for their sandcakes, rolls and whole cakes, the main difference lies in how long the cream has in contact with sponge. Somehow or rather, refrigeration with the cream, make the sponge more moist and dense slightly wetter but yet springier than other Japanese cakes (i.e. Tampopo Deli, Yamazaki, Patisserie Glace).

Salted Caramel Sandcake
Arinco's Salted Caramel Sandcake

Arinco King (Closed)
2 Orchard Turn
Ion Orchard Food Hall
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 8640

4th April 2010: Arinco King and the adjacent food stalls seems to be closed for good. The stall looks cleared out without much kitchen utensils nor boxes.
12th April 2010: Dropped a call to Arinco King and apparently there is no one on the line
Initial hypothesis: Is Arinco King closed for good?
13th April 2010: They are not listed in ION store directory anymore.


ice said...

This cake has my name written all over it. fen, any difference between this strawberry shortcake & the berry lite shortcake?

Fen said...

I didn't try the berry lite shortcake, but judging from the appearance, one has sliced strawberries and the other has mixed berries within the chantilly cream.

I heard from my sister who went to Arinco King this afternoon that the last day of the promotion is today and almost all the items were sold out already.

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm looking for Arinco King too. Do you know if there are other outlets in Singapore?

Fen said...

I think the one at ION is the only branch that I know of.

They do not have a website and although the number is still working, no one picks up the call.

Sorry, can't help much.

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