Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Profiteroles by DeSté

Pistachio, chocolate and vanilla profiteroles with ground chocolate on a base of chocolate cake ($9)

The taste for this creation is predictable. Profiterole with vanilla custard, drenched with chocolate, sitting on a dense chocolate cake meringue.

What caught my attention is the golden cube of chocolate sitting on top of the profiteroles. From my understanding, Chef Deuiri has a technique of injecting air into pure chocolate to develop air pockets, thereby making it light like a styrofoam. My guess is that this golden cube is made in the same way.

Alright, these are the 3 cakes we had for that weekend and for those who are familar with DeSté's creations, one would have noticed that we have missed out their signature cake, the Candle cake that features different textures of chocolate, cream scented vanilla, caramel and crunchy praline with a base in rock chocolate. This was not available during our visit. Apparently, for that day, we were told that the store was expecting their delivery of cakes at 3pm. Although the selection is decent during our visit, it was alittle disappointing not being able to try their signature cakes and we notice that the whole cakes were also not available during our visit at 2pm.

DeSté chocolate boutique at Mandarin Gallery

Note that DeSté Confectionery at The Riverwalk doesn’t carry the individual cakes as that is an atelier (aka pastry laboratory) where all the creations are produced so only their chocolates and a few whole cakes are available at DeSté Confectionery at The Riverwalk. Also note that DeSté chocolate boutique at Mandarin Gallery is a take-away counter. For dine-in experience, drop by Chocolate DeSténation at 313@Orchard.

There is a 40% discount for their cakes after 8:30pm (for DeSté chocolate boutique at Mandarin Gallery) but please call to confirm this as I am not sure if I have recalled wrongly.

DeSté chocolate boutique at Mandarin Gallery
#02-26 Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238859
Tel : 6737 3247

Opening hours - 11am to 9.30pm daily


ice said...

Your cake looks like it's floating. Nice picture! (: but you didn't exactly say how you like/dislike it.

Fen said...

Didn't realize the cake was floating till you pointed it out. That was not intended though.

Thank you for the compliment.

I didn't like this at all but neither did I find any fault with this cake. Mixed feelings with Deste's creations, it seems like they are made to taste in this manner but I just don't know how to appreciate them.

Lastly, 新年快乐, 万事如意...

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