Thursday, February 4, 2010

BLIC Blogger Outing

Ice-cream parlours are making appearance at every part of Singapore. Thus, in order to outshine the rest, it must be something very outstanding. For instance, Häagen-Dazs has been known for its rich and creamy texture while Ben and Jerry for its chunky filling. For homemade ice-cream, there are a few well-known ones such as Island Creamery, U.d.d.e.r.s, Tom's Palette, Ice-cream gallery, etc; each with distinctive flavours and texture.


Making its debut appearance in the heart of Tampines, Ben and Larry decide to share their creations to all the foodies out there. Since the name resembles a particular ice-cream company, they called themselves BLIC aka Ben and Larry Ice Cream. According to Ben (co owner of the store), they chose the location due to rental as well as the lack of good ice cream palours in the east.

BLIC - Ben

Invited by Ben, Harris brought the whole gang down to check out this newly opened ice cream parlour in Tampines.

BLIC - Tasting

Here we see the bloggers totally indulged and totally focused on the ice cream. So what did we eventually settled on?

BLIC - Lychee Mint

Fen has always been a fan of lychee-flavoured desserts and she made no exception with her choice. So far, her favourite has been the Lychee Martini from Seventh Heaven while the version U.d.d.e.r.s offers was too icy to her liking. Rose and Lychee from Tom's Palette didn't leave much impression as their other flavours are awesome. For Blic's version, Fen actually likes it since the lychee is strong enough and the texture is acceptable. However, I am one that hates mint, thus associate it with the mint sauce that is served in Indian stalls.

BLIC - Rum and Rasin

I have a liking for rum and raisin and unlike other rum and raisin ice-cream, this one has additional rum-soaked raisins mixed in before serving to provide the additional punch. Overall, the ice cream is slightly on the sweet side with slight tint of rum taste.

BLIC - ate too much

The bloggers weren't contented until they tried all the flavours, despite the amount of bowls, we went on.

BLIC - Tiramisu

Larry prepared tiramisu which is presently still at the R&D stage. This isn't really a tiramisu as it replaces the mascarpone layer with their in-house Tiramisu ice-cream. The liquor and ice-cream made it similar to the taste of their rum and raisin except with the addition of cocoa powder. To Fen, since these tiramisu weren't kept overnight, the sponge fingers were pretty dry and rough. Moreover, the goodness of a tiramisu weren't felt due to the absence of the mascarpone layer, closer to a mudpie (IOHO).

Overall, the texture of the ice-cream varies depending on the flavour and special mention to the Baileys, Double Chocolate and Green Tea since the texture were not compromised and its flavour is strong enough to appeal. However, there are some flavours such as the Vanilla Bean and Bird Nest with Almond are icy and coarse. Well, Blic is trying to improve their ice-cream and are experimenting different waffle recipes. Give them some time, enthusiasm and passion often bring a cafe to a different level.

With Ben and Larry

Before signing off, we would like to thank Ben and Larry for their invite to this ice cream tasting season as well as our organiser, Harris.

Blic Ice-Cream Cafe
Blk 802 Tampines Ave 4
Singapore 520802
Tel: 6786 0860


foodaholic said...

lovely pictures! why wasn't fen in any of the pics? haha..

agree with the tiramisu lacking the punch overall...

DhNy said...

wah lao. I look totally unglam in photo 3. lolx

I got the urge to go back for baileys and banana peanut crunch eh!

*Harris said...

you're most welcome fen and yuan :)

can you email me the group picture? it's much nicer (although glenn is dreaming in lalaland haha) than what i had.

guys, you should go back there when you can, they improved some of the flavours. the scam is cool, calamansi at first taste, three seconds later there's the more distinct dryness from martini.

they also added the milo balls and milo powder to the dino milo so its good too.

Anonymous said...

I love the 6th Photo! Check out the amount of bowls you guys had in the background! woot!

TGIF Guys!

Fen : i've done up a short entry on the post processing. Hope it helps :)


Glenn Lee said...

Yeah!!! I look unglam in the last picture!

Anonymous said...

your photos are great! makes me wanna check the far east out for some good ice cream fix!

Fen said...

Phoebe : Cos I was talking to Cheryl on the other side of the cafe :D

Daniel: I didn't realize it until you point it out... Quick, blame Yuan for the lousy shot.

Harris: Sent :)

Reiz: Yea, the boys are busy cleaning up the bowls while the girls have the honour to try all the flavours :D

Saw your post on the post-processing, thanks for the upload, will try it on my next pic.

Glenn: Oops, blame the photographer... Actually the first shot was blur and overexposed so I didn't have much choice.

Zay: Thank you for the compliment. Yea, nothing beats an ice-cream buffet. Full indulgence.

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