Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sakaeya Singapore

Green tea roll cake

Macha Cake $8.80

The macha content is not as strong as Breadtalk Silver. The winning point of this cake is the Japanese whipped cream - light and refreshing. However if you like it for the cream, the one from Tampopo Deli may be a better bet. For strong prefer strong matcha, Breadtalk Silver would be our preferred choice.

Putit Cream puffs

Cream puff $5.80 (for a box of 12 pcs)

The custard filling in this bite-sized puffs is smooth and light as opposed to the conventional creamy and rich ones. The choux pastry is fluffy soft and since there is no icing sugar on it, this cream puff is not sweet.

Goodies from Sakaeya Singapore

Starting from the Top left in the clockwise direction, Reiki Milky $4.80, Dorayaki Red Bean $2.00, Reiki Chocolate $4.80, Cheese Manju $2.50

Among the four, the most outstanding and recommended is the Cheese Manju. The outer skin of the pastry resembles the top baked layer of Hilton Cheesecake, providing a nice scent. With the cheese filling, we considered this to be a cheaper alternative to Hilton Cheesecake.

Dorayaki Red Bean is pretty ordinary except for a chunkier filling.

The Reikis have alternating layer of cream, ice-cream and cake sponge but since it is served frozen, the entire combination fails to stand out. Comparing the two, Reiki Milky is rather sweet and the top layer of cream tasted like condensed milk.

Cheese Manju

Sakaeya Singapore
310 & 320 Orchard Road
Tangs Market #B2-15

Apparently the address printed on my receipt is not valid. According to Huiyuan's blog, Sakaeya does not have a permanent outlet in Singapore.
For your information, the above were bought at the Japanese Fair held at Takashimaya and the fair has ended (i.e. 16 August 09).


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