Monday, August 3, 2009

1 Caramel, the story continues...

This time round, I came with my family members and it seems like the cakes at 1 Caramel is alittle too sweet to their liking. Nevertheless, they all agree that this is a nice place to chill but steep, considering it costs about the same as lunch (Note: apart from the cakes, we ordered a couple of drinks).

Tropical Fruit Cake
Vanilla sponge filled passion fruit mascarpone cream topped with a selection of fresh tropical fruits
$7.90 (slice) / $75 (whole cake)

This is an alternative to a strawberry shortcake in which the sponge is moistened with syrup, thereby a soft and crumbly texture. Unlike the conventional chantilly cream found in strawberry shortcake, this one contains mascarpone cream. Since it is thinly spread between the layers of sponge, the overall taste is not rich.

Tropical Fruit Cake

Mango Mascarpone
Mascarpone cheese cream on coconut crumble topped with mango compote

Mango Mascarpone

Not missing out 1 Caramel's signature, everybody agrees this is good and what makes it unique is the coconut crumble base.

Citrus Ricotta Tart, flavoured with Grand Marnier
$5.90 (slice) / $55 (whole) @ 1 Caramel

To the staff, Mango Mascarpone is closer to a mousse and thus we picked this for comparison. Surprisingly, this kind of disappoints. With a soft crust and an overpowering whiff of (sheep milk?) cheesey smell, I don't know what to comment for this. Guess this is just not my kind of tart.

Citrus Ricotta Tart

In case Yuan is still slacking with the Canele's entries, an early Happy National Day.

Singapore Skyscrapers @ 1 Caramel

Though not completed but the front view of this creation is worth a closer look or check out the real thing @ 1 Caramel.

1 Caramel
The Luxe
6 Handy Road
Singapore 229234
Tel: 6338 3282

Operating hours -
11am to 11pm (Sun to Thurs)
11am to 1am (Fri and Sat)


*Harris said...

Is that cityscape made by... pastries?!

Fen said...

The cityscape is made of fondant and cake (hard enough to support the weight). Somewhat similar to a wedding cake...

According to the chef, this thing can only last for 2 weeks and he has been working on it since last Monday...

Katie said...

Wow that cityscape is impressive! Did it get eaten? :D

Fen said...

I don't think so.

Anyway, this cake was mentioned on Life, The Straits Times (Tuesday, August 4, 2009) and according to the article, this is the effort of four people a week of 16-hour days to complete.

The base of this cake, measured 90cm by 90cm, is made of 90 eggs, 7 kg of flour and 7kg of cocoa powder while the buildings were roughly sculpted from styrofoam and then covered with fondant. Some details such as cars and the Merlion, were made of gum paste.

claudine said...

i saw the city scape and took the pic from behind! pretty cool and huge indeed!

oooohh i love the place Fen!! i love that they display their cakes/tarts etc in such a huge see through fridge.

guess what i tried? i didnt order the cakes, i ordered dessert. Red Miso Souffle... it was YUMs!!! i had the 5 senses experience again.. erm maybe 4 senses this time. but the different flavors experience more than makes up for the missing sense. :D

it will be a place for me to chilli for sometime.. well, till i finish trying their cakes i suppose..

Fen said...

Arh, the back view... maybe can see your picture... This cake has so much details that 1 photo is not enough... but then again, I had difficulty taking this picture as the chef was still working on it and his boss was checking and critizing it...

Yea, the glass display is such a feast to the eyes while the yellow sofa is so good to laze around.

Heard the media recommending their Red Miso Souffle but have yet to try it as a salty dessert usually don't appeal to me...

Since it is so YUM, alright, will try it when I drop by 1 Caramel...

claudine said...

hehe, not forgetting the velvety white pillows. it's quite impossible to leave the place actually!! :)

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