Sunday, September 9, 2012

Family Favourites by Prima Deli

Prima Deli, Singapore's first bakery franchise, introduces a delightful trio of mini Toffee Cappuccino, Chocolate Hazelnut and Raspberry Truffle snowskin mooncakes to Prima Deli's current selection of more than twelve flavours of traditionally baked and snowskin mooncakes.

Toffee Cappuccino features toffee lotus paste with a delicate cappuccino chocolate truffle ball, nestled within a lightly infused cocoa snowskin; while the Chocolate Hazelnut consists of a blend of hazelnut paste with chocolate cream, complemented with toasted hazelnut sequins for extra crunch. Raspberry Truffle combines white chocolate and raspberry jam within a sweet lilac snowskin.

While most restaurants and hotels has their very own signature flavours, the uniqueness of Prima Deli's lies in the huge variety of mooncakes, in particular the snowskin selection. Imagine 9 different flavours, all in a single box.

Prima Deli Mini Snowskin Mooncake

Having ate so many boxes of mooncakes purchased from restaurants, hotels and bakeries since 2009, we have become very technical in defining our favourite mooncakes, from the fragrance of the skin to the pairing of ingredients and quality of the lotus paste (smoothness, whether it is "teeth-sticky", fragrance) and in this case, Prima Deli's mooncakes proves us very wrong in our judgement. When we first tried the mooncakes from Prima Deli, we thought it pales in comparison with the ones we have from Raffles Hotel, Carlton Hotel and Mandarin Orchard. However, when I bought both boxes of mooncakes to share with my colleagues, I was proven so wrong then.

Golden Jade and Pure Lotus with 1 Yolk

Mooncakes lovers can be very distinctive with their preferences, while some loves it with huge egg yolks, others prefer a lighter combination. Having shared with my colleagues with Carlton Hotel's signature moontarts when all agrees that the lotus paste was outstanding, I received another big thumbs up from them 1 week later for Prima Deli's Golden Jade baked mooncake and their snowskin selection. Golden Jade with 1 Yolk steals the limelight among the 3 types of lotus paste offered by Prima Deli. Made with pandan flavoured lotus paste and green bean paste, most felt that the pairing was good. Although the pandan flavouring is weak, somehow or rather the green bean paste and lotus paste provides a good contrast of texture.

Snowskin Mini Series of Prima Deli

With Raffles Hotel triumphing with their fragrant mochi-like snowskin (Note: ate this year but didn't blog about it), Carlton Hotel surprising us with their refreshing combination of pineapple and pandan, Prima Deli selection of snowskin wins the hearts of my colleagues. Described by them to have a fabulous variation and pairing, all the snowskin has a contrasting flavour and texture.

Nutella lovers with be pleasantly surprised by the Mini Oreo Chocolate and Mini Chocolate Hazelnut, for it is quite similar to eating a chocolate snack.

Mini Strawberry Chocolate with its jam-like filling and the Mini Raspberry Truffle were described to be a refreshing treat with ice-cream-like texture.

Mini Black Sesame with Mochi caught my attention for the chewy glutinous core which I have never come across in any snowskin till date.

While the hotels definitely triumps in terms of fragrance and texture of the snowskin as well as lotus paste, Yuan personally feel that Prima Deli will appeal to the mass market for its competitive pricing as well as their large range of flavours.

Prima Deli's mooncakes are available from now to 30 September 2012 at all Prima Deli bakeries. For more ordering information, refer to the form attached below.

Prima Deli Mooncake Order Form

Thank you very much to Ms Celina Lim from Foreword Communications for the complimentary boxes of mooncakes.

Prima Deli 
With so many branches island-wide, it is best to check their website for more details.


ice said...

I was recommended Marriott Hotel's mooncakes this year & I must say I was very disappointed. The white lotus paste is not smooth nor fragrant & egg yolks dry. Pet peeve. The blueberry cheese reeked & tasted suspiciously of durian (possibly contamination). Bad.

I was however impressed with Bakerzin's classic premium egg yolk mooncake. The lotus paste was very smooth, fragrant & sweetness spot-on. Fen, you can consider giving it a try or KIV for next year. And of coz you can't go wrong with Fairmont's champagne truffle with its terribly soft snowskin & boozy white chocolate ganache. (: Their new salted caramel dark chocolate snowskin was super delicious as well, though I would prefer the chocolate core to be saltier. Highly recommended.

Ok, shared & rant over. Now back to eating more mooncakes...

Fen said...

I tried Marriott's durian snowskin 3 years ago but realize the sample was completely different from the purchased ones. Eek, contaminated with durian, bad bad bad... Likely to be due to poor handling.

I wanted to order Bakerzin's snowskin when I was there for tea break but alas, they don't sell it in individual pieces as before. Ok, shall KIV for next year since I have another batch of mooncakes to be collected this Friday.

I didn't go for Fairmont's champagne truffle but instead bought Raffles Hotel's last month. Somehow or rather I prefer Raffles Hotel's mochi-like snowskin.

Hmm, the salted caramel is stirring my curiosity though, have been hooked on Starbucks' new frappe. Let see if Yuan is willing to share the calories with me. Thanks for the shared...

ice said...

Ok just got da zhong guo's mooncakes, both baked & snowskin double yolks to satisfy my mooncake craving and to get rid of the bad taste in my mouth. When it comes to traditional mooncakes, none can beat traditional bakeries coz they unreservedly add lard which hotels & restaurants tend to omit these days in favor of healthy mooncakes. Lard is the quintessential ingredient to make mooncakes fragrant and delicious, without it no mooncakes would taste as good. Learnt my lesson, will stick to da zhong guo for traditional mooncakes form now on.

Da Zhong Guo 1 Hotels/Restaurants 0

And they cost half the price of Marriott's... but more then double the deliciousness.

Fen said...

There is a reason why they have been around for so long and they don't even have to focus on their packaging. Guess you had quite a fair share of mooncakes too.

I recalled eating their snowskin before I started blogging and the snowskin was so soft and I didn't mind it being thicker than most.

But as much as it is good, I am trying to resist eating too much, lard and egg yolks are not helping me in getting back my waistline.

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