Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mooncake Galore 2011

This is the last entry for mooncakes 2011 and is a very nice summary for it is a gathering with our foodie friends. Like last year, each pair of us decided to bring a box of mooncakes and under the warm lighting with tea, we savour them all.

Regent Double Yolk goodness

White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Melon Seeds from Regent Hotel (Courtesy of Phoebe and Chloe from The Food Chapter)
Huge egg yolks with smooth lotus paste and I must say that I liked the contrast between the melon seeds and lotus paste.

Regent mooncake form
Regent mooncake order form 2011

Mandarin Orchard's signature Five Kernel (五仁) mooncake

Mandarin Orchard's Mixed Nuts and Jamón ibérico (五仁) mooncake was contributed by Yuan and myself. The reason for selecting this mooncake was because it is our favourite among the mooncakes which we reviewed for 2011. According to a source who is working in the F&B industry, Mandarin Orchard is one of the five hotels in Singapore which still hand-crafts and bakes their mooncake in house.

Mandarin Orchard Mooncake Order Form 2011
Mandarin Orchard mooncake order form 2011

Eater Palace (食珍)'s Teochew mooncake

Eater Palace (食珍)'s Teochew moon cake (Yam with Salted Egg Yolk and Yam with Pumpkin, Courtesy of Daniel and Lay Sian from Memoirs of Food).
I kind of liked the combination of yam and pumpkin though it is a little oily for my liking.

Jewels' snowskin classic

Jewels Artisan Chocolate Mini Assorted Snowskin Mooncake (Courtesy of Charlene and Zhi Hao from missuschewy).
As usual, the Champagne Truffle is a crowd pleaser and Zhi Hao just gets hook onto the Salted Caramel Snowskin.

Jewels' Mooncake order form 2011
Jewels Artisan Chocolate mooncake order form 2011

At the end of the day, the taste of the mooncakes is secondary, what's important is the friendship and to share it with family and friends during Mid Autumn Festival. Looking forward to Mooncake Galore 2012.

The foodies, as usual with big smiles

The foodies as usual with their big smiles. You may view their reviews here:
The Food Chapter
Memoirs of Food


Daniel said...

Got so fast anot?! But thats great cos I can reference all the mooncake names already haha.

Thanks to you and yuan for hosting us again! Have a great 中秋节! =)

ice said...

I tried Regent Hotel's White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Melon Seeds this year too & I'm not impressed with it. In fact I thought it was quite bad hahaha. Sorry Phoebe! hahaha. The lotus paste was so sweet for me & wasn't smooth enough. For traditional baked skin mooncakes, 大中囯's is still the best in my book.

For Teochew flaky skin mooncakes, I'll definitely go for Peony Jade's. I'm crazy about their Teochew ‘Oor Nee’ Mooncake with Premium Fragrant Golden Pumpkin! I'll possibly need to try Eater Palace's to compare. Is Eater Palace a restaurant or do they only sell mooncakes during this season?

Nonetheless, it must have been a great meet-up for everybody to sample different varieties of mooncakes. (:

Charlene said...

Yeah so fast! Thanks for inviting us over to your lovely home! Had a really good time chatting over tea and mooncakes and hmmm seaweed chicken :P

foodaholic said...

WAHHHHH! Fen spoil market! hahahaa...was a really good meetup. Can't wait for the next! oh yes, seaweed chicken - never knew it's dual purpose till now. *chuckles*

@ice: haha, ive eaten enough bad ones for regent's to be deemed not bad!

Fen said...

Daniel: Haha, I think Yuan want to publish it asap after I typed the first paragraph... I think he wants to make sure there is no additional mooncakes, keke...

You are most welcome and we are glad you had fun.

Ice: Guess you are a traditionalist when it comes to mooncakes.

I am not familiar with Eater Palace as they don't seems to have a website. According to their brochure, they seems to be a food management company with their office located at 26 Lorong 15 Geylang Road.

Charlene: You are most welcome and looking forward to the next one.

Phoebe: I didn't spoil the market. Yuan did, I only typed the first paragraph and went for a shower, the next thing I know, Yuan finished the rest of the post, keke...

Actually this is the first time I use seaweed chicken to do that, usually I will use lotus seeds. =)

For your information, the bird cage on the packaging is supposedly a prized Song Thrush in a golden cage and together with a fruit bearing Persimmon tree, this box is meant to symbolise joy, life and abundance. Very similar concept to Hilton's packaging.

In fact there is a poem printed inside the box by Wang Wei, a Tang dynasty poet so the box is worth a keep.

ice said...

fen, except 大中囯's baked skin mooncakes, none of the traditional baked skin mooncakes I've tried this year impressed. Last year, Victoria Peak's baked skin mooncake was a dark horse. I was surprised & thought they were pretty good. To make sure it wasn't a fluke haha, I had it again this year. Indeed the quality maintained, the mooncakes are really quite outstanding. You would probably like to keep Victoria Peak in mind, maybe for next year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ice, would like to find out from you which type of traditional mooncake would you recommend?

ice said...

Hi anony, the traditional mooncakes I'd recommend are from Chop Tai Chong Kok 大中国饼家 at 34 Sago Street. And not Chinatown Tai Chong Kok (Hue Kee) at Banda Street (& Alexandra Village). They are different establishments altogether. Chop Tai Chong Kok 大中国饼家 has another outlet at Block 302 Ubi Avenue 1.

I would recommend 大中国饼家's traditional double yolk baked skin red lotus & their double yolk snowskin mooncakes. Their traditional 五仁 mooncake is a crowd pleaser too.

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