Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grand Hyatt Singapore's Snowskin 2011 Collection

It was nice to receive an invitation to Grand Hyatt Singapore to visit their new residential-style lounge, 10 Scotts and after tasting several of Grand Hyatt Singapore's mini snowskins, we decided to purchase a box to share with our readers some of their interesting flavours.

Before we move on to the mini snowskins, Grand Hyatt Singapore introduces a Chinese Chess Set made of Chocolate Pralines or Traditional Mooncakes, something that is very unique and presentable as gifts for families and business associates.

Chinese Chess Set Mooncakes

I am not sure about most but Yuan and I thought that this would be an entry on halal mooncakes but we were surprised that the bulk of the snowskins contains liquor. While the popular Straits Kitchen is halal, Grand Hyatt Singapore is also famous for their martini and cocktails served at Mezza9. In other words, these snowskins are inspired from their popular cocktails and offers as many as 6 alcoholic snowskins and 3 non-alcoholic ones.

Snowskin series of Grand Hyatt Singapore 2011

Popular favourites such as Champagne truffle (pink), Lychee Martini (yellow) and Sakura Flower Cherry (purple) are back in action and the most outstanding flavour would be the Lychee Martini. Not only is the snowskin the softest among the 5 flavours we have gotten, the skin remains as it is despite being kept in the chiller for 4 days. Of course, the winning factor would be the chocolate ganache filled with strong lychee flavour and alcoholic punch.

Sakura Flower Cherry (purple) would be the other interesting one to highlight. Setting aside that it is alcoholic, the sakura flavoured ganache is memorable for the flowery goodness while the creamy texture contrasts well with the sweet lotus paste.

Apart from the regular favourites, Grand Hyatt Singapore also launched new flavours such as Chocolate Crispy Truffle (brown), Mocha Kahlua, Coconut Malibu (white) and Blueberry Cassis. Among them, we felt that Coconut Malibu (white) is unique for its distinctive and strong coconut fragrance.

In general, the lotus paste is sweet but the chocolate ganache that is housed in the core of their snowskin is smooth, distinctive and rich with an alcoholic punch filled generously in every bite.

Grand Hyatt Mooncake 2011

These mooncakes are available for sale from now to 12 September at the ground level of the hotel and also the mooncake fair at Takashimya.

From now to 28 August, UOB, DBS and Maybank cardholders are entitled to 20% discount and 10% disount from 29 August to 12 September.

*Based on our past experience, most will not offer discounts at the mooncake fair at Takashimaya so do check with the staff if you are purchasing the mooncakes from the fair.

Many thanks to Ms. Patricia Yong, Ms. Melissa Tan and Ms Sandee Goh for their time to host us and introduce us to the hotel's mooncakes

Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Singapore 228211
Tel: 6887 5492


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