Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fruit cocktails log

Fruit cocktails log

Many of us probably grew up eating cakes from Angie the choice. I recall Angie's cake to have thick fresh milky cream however their log cake was nothing close to my perception of their cakes. In contrast, it has thick vanilla chiffon and very little cream which most of the family can accept. How often do you see your friends scooping away the cream? The down side is: there is hardly any fruits.

Fruit cocktails log (cross section)

The log cake comes in 3 sizes, 20cm ($37.90), 25cm ($50.90) and 30cm ($75.90).

Though this post comes alittle late, Merry Christmas to all our readers and we hope that everybody has a wonderful Christmas celebration and a fantastic Christmas feast. Do keep a lookout for our last 2010 log cake entry tomorrow.

Angie The Choice
Square 2
Tel: 6258-9898
10 Sinaran Drive
# 01-17 Square 2
Singapore 307506

Visit their website for other outlets and cake list.


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