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Chocolate buffet @ Marina Bay Sands

Dessert lovers will be delighted to know that apart from Fullerton Hotel, there is another hotel offering an unlimited array of delightful treats.

The Chocolate Bar at MBS

Located at the 57th storey of the Marina Bay Sands, at the height of 200 metres, The Chocolate Bar offers a different form of experience in enjoying chocolates and the best part is that The Chocolate Bar is opened 7 days a week from 8pm till midnight.

Chocolate Pistachio & Cherry

Priced at $38++ person (or $55++ with a glass of Champagne), this buffet offers a wide variety of chocolate-themed desserts, crafted by hand with premium chocolate and one will be intrigued by the techniques and surprising companions Executive Pastry Chef Alejandro Luna and his team have adopted to create a palette of extreme flavours.

An overview

Unlike Fullerton's chocolate buffet, the desserts offered by The Chocolate Bar focus more on shooters and individual portions, thereby ensuring each and every single dessert are presented at maximal visual pleasure.

From left to right,
In general, our preference inclined towards the white chocolate creations and we have to admit that the white chocolate mousse is smooth and not overly sweet, making it one of the nicest white chocolate we have came across so far. Moreover, the clever use of mango compote compliments perfectly, making the White Chocolate Cremeux Mango Compote a refreshing and light treat.

White Chocolate Pistachio & Five Spice Pear Baskets is another favourite of ours. Although the thought of putting five spice in a dessert may sound weird but this waffle basket housing the pear and white chocolate pistachio mousse did win our hearts, warranting a second round.

According to the press release, Rosemary Milk Chocolate Cappuccino is a must-try and this is served in a cup with a dash of chocolate powder. This drink is supposed to intoxicate one with the refreshing rosemary-flavored foam which gives way to a satisfying layer of rich milk chocolate mousse.

Caramel Milk Chocolate Tarts

Although the caramel is subtle in these Milk Chocolate Tarts and that the crust is weak in its taste, the way these are assembled does make me savour it slowly. 4 components in total, namely a mini bi-colour macaron, caramel mousse, chocolate ganache and a chocolate tart crust.

Black Pepper Chocolate Mousse Coriander Cream Pineapple

Imagine having your chocolate served with black pepper, coriander, curry or mint, sounds weird but we enjoyed the Chocolate Nougat Curry & Mango Chutney very much. Very similar to eating twisties with a chocolate bar.

“After Eight”, a Manjari Chocolate chocolate mousse, infused with mint, was relatively weak in its chocolate content, making the mousse slightly diluted or rather creamy to our liking. The endorphin surge was just not sufficient.

Strawberry-White Chocolate Ganache Lychee Pannacotta

As mentioned earlier, Chef Alejandro Luna presents white chocolate mousse in a splendid manner, this time nicely infused with lychee. One of my favourites.

White Chocolate Pear Torte

Another favourite of mine, the White Chocolate Pear Torte steals the show for the lightly sweetened dessert and that the pear neutralizes the typical cloying characteristic of white chocolate.

Steam Chocolate "Creme" Banana Chutney

Another interesting highlight of this buffet is the Steamed Chocolate Crème, Banana Chutney, a ganache based dessert that pairs the smoothness of the chocolate – which is steamed with banana leaves - with the bite of banana chutney.

Cheesecake Lollipop

The very first time we have came across a cheesecake lollipop was at Hilton's Sunday Brunch and Marina Bay Sands' lollipop didn't disappoint for its crisp white chocolate shells and its oozing cheesecake filling.

67% and 72% Ganache

Nama chocolate lovers will not want to miss this one. This fits the definition of a good nama chocolate for its rich cocoa content and smooth texture. Enough said.

Warm Chocolate Cake

Thumbs up to the attentive service provided by the staff and Chocolate ice-cream and Warm Chocolate Cake are served to your table upon request. The Chocolate ice-cream is a magnum look-alike and the chocolate outer shells with Valrhona Chocolate Pearls is simply divine when eaten together with home-made chocolate ice cream.

Warm chocolate cake didn't disappoint with its molten core and its slight flaw lies in the subtle burnt chocolate after-taste of the cake.

Outside The Club

Running through the entire list of desserts, this will appeal to desserts lovers for the innovative creations and extensive combination but die-hard chocolate fans will be disappointed as the desserts that left a stronger impression (in our opinion) were the white chocolate ones as mentioned in the post and non-chocolate desserts such as the Churros con Chocolate, Elderflower Macarons, Candied Macadamia Nuts, etc. Although premium chocolates are used in all creations, the resulting texture is creamier and weaker in its cocoa content.

However, we would say it is worth a try, considering the fanciful combination Chef Alejandro Luna and his team have put up and one will be surprised how well these desserts fare.

Lastly, this is also a very good excuse to have access to Sands Skypark. Moreover, The Club at Marina Bay Sands is exclusive to Suite guests and is only opened to the public for the chocolate buffet.

Before signing off, we would like to thank Venetia, Corporate Communications Officer of Marina Bay Sands for acceding to our photography request.

The Chocolate Bar @ The Club
Marina Bay Sands Singapore
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956
Tel: 6688 8858

Chocolate buffet is available every evening from 8pm to midnight.


adel said...

aim to try this out soon, thanks for the pics, it's very tempting!!happy new year!

Fen said...

Hope you will like it.

Happy New Year to you, apologize for the late reply.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'd like to ask which chocolate buffet do you prefer the one at fullerton or the one at the club! Thanks

Fen said...

From my understanding from Pastry Chef Alejandro Luna, the selection of the chocolate desserts have changed from my last visit so it might be different from what you see in this set of pictures.

But on the personal note, I would prefer the one from The Fullerton Hotel for its ambience. As for chocolate desserts, it really voice down to individual preference as they are unique in their way.

Mariah Byebye said...

hi just asking how do i go about making reservations? it's my first time doing this. i plan to go there after my 'O' levels with my friends.

Rolandito said...

this post made me want to try the buffet. nice pictures!

when you mentioned it is also a very good excuse to have access to Sands Skypark, does it mean the price of the buffet includes the entrance to the Sky Park? If so, what a deal!

thanks for posting!

fyen said...

Wahh... yummy... may I know is there any limitation time to enjoy the dessert?

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