Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flor by Chef Yamashita

Talk about cakes shop or patisserie, the area near Tanjong Pagar MRT houses plentiful of options but they all share a common similarity. Either the cakes get sold out very fast or these shops close by 7pm or there is no dining area to start off with. Hence, despite the good creations, the inconvenience does hinder our subsequent visits.

I have my reasons for starting this entry like that. Whenever I was asked to recommend desserts or a place to chill out, I realize these lovely patisseries seems to be eliminated off their list for these reasons, no matter how much I rave about them or tempt them with the photos on this blog.

Despite the early closing hours on weekdays and limited seating area, Flor Patisserie is definitely one that is going to tempt many for this place is helmed by the former pastry chef of Patisserie Glace, Chef Yamashita. So, for those who fancy authentic Japanese creations, this is the place you might want to put it on your checklist.

Flor Shop 1

The overall concept Flor Patisserie adopts is very light hearted. Using the combination of blue and white, the entire dining experience makes it very soothing and relaxing. The choice of photos aligned on one of the walls and the Japanese decorative items on the other side of the shop excludes a simple Japanese theme.

The selection of cakes does show some resemblance to Patisserie Glace but regular patrons of Patisserie Glace will not be disappointed for there are some gems that are seen only at Flor. For instance,


Tahiti ($6.00) A tropical delight, Coconut dacquoise with passion fruit mousse and topped with fresh pineapple.

The two key components of Tahiti lies in the coconut dacquoise which has coconut flakes incoporated to provide a textured taste and tangy passion fruit mousse. A contrasting combination of these 2 main layers and when eaten together with cubes of pineapple, I would say each mouthful is bursting with flavours and texture.

*Note: According to Flor website, this is currently not available.


Napoleon ($6.20) Traditional Napoleon made with Chef's signature puff pastry, strawberry version

As our visit to Flor was close to 2 months ago, the impression left for Flor's Napoleon is pretty vague. What we do remember about this is the light chantily cream with the crisp puff pastry that is not overly oily nor buttery.

Waguri Millefeuille

Waguri Millefeuille ($6.50) Delicate strands of French chestnut cream piped over sandwich of crisp puff pastry and pastry cream topped with sweetened Japanese chestnuts.

Now the main highlight to our visit lies in Flor's Waguri Millefeuille, unlike the previous Mont Blanc (Patisserie Glace, CentrePs and Kki) we have tried and having been not a fan of chestnuts, this creation actually makes me wipe clean the plate. While most focus on how intense the chestnut vermicelli cream, Yuan and I like this creation for the overall presentation and layering. The use of crisp puff pastry sandwiching the delicate sponge makes the overall taste very light and addictive. Finishing every mouthful is the splendid mix of chantily cream and chestnut cream. I'm sold and I didn't give Yuan much chance to indulge this dessert with me.

Looking through the creations posted on Flor website, I guess the niche of this place is the clever use of ingredients such as cheese, tofu, crepe and puff pastry. Like his former creations (e.g. Strawberry Hills), Chef Yamashita has always surprised us with his creativity and this time, he tempts us with the clever use of puff pastry and cakes.

Flor Patisserie
2 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089588
Tel: 6223 8628

Operating hours:
11am to 7pm (Mon to Sat)
11am to 6pm (Sun)


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