Sunday, October 3, 2010

Birthday cakes...

After all the sweets and mooncakes I have been eating lately, I had a rude shock when I stepped onto the weighing scales. For some reasons, I have stopped my gym activities for 3 months (since May) and I have put on a shocking 8kg. Blogging will slow down for the next few months...

2 buffets will be coming up in October for my bestie's and Yuan's birthday so there won't be deliberate cake hunts in the near future. Since my recent entries have been on mooncakes and some food tastings, I thought this entry would just sum up some of the birthday cakes I had from July to September.


Celebrated two of my closest Leo colleagues at Cherry Garden and Mandarin Oriental is one of the rare places to get a 350gm whole cake. Based on the order form I have downloaded in July 2009, a selection of 11 cakes are available at 350gm, 750gm and 1kg being priced at $26, $48 and $60 respectively.

Having only 4 diners, a 350gm cake is very appropriate but Cherry Garden actually offers complimentary individual birthday cake or Chinese birthday buns. Took the offer and wow, it is a generous slice of chocolate mousse cake with crispy hazelnut feuilletine and dacquoise sponge.

Complimentary individual birthday cake

Cherry Garden
Mandarin Oriental, Singapore
5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square,
Singapore 039797
Tel: 6885 3538


Shortly in August, decided to celebrate another colleague's birthday at Jing and the most convenient place to get a cake would be Fullerton Hotel.

Frankly speaking, ordering via the email was quite a chore as most of the cakes listed in the form they have given me were not available. Information of the available sizes and pricing were also wrong. Hence, it was only after 16 emails that my order was confirmed and I end up with a 750gm cake for 4 diners.

Anyway, considering how popular Fullerton's chocolate buffet is, the chocolate cakes that are available at Fullerton Hotel are
Pure Chocolate Manjari (available in 500gm at $28 nett)
Pure Chocolate Manjari mousse, Chocolate Garnishee, Chocolate Sponge, Absolute glaze and Feuillantine base

Lavendar Chocolake Manjari (comes only in 1 size, 1kg $50 nett)
Pure Chocolate Manjari mousse, Chocolate Sponge and Lavendar Cream

As for Fullerton Hotel's in-house specialties, there are
Champagne fruit forest mousse cake ($45 nett)
Apricot, pistachio and milk chocolate mousse cake ($40nett)

Champagne fruit forest mousse cake

Decided to stick to the Champagne fruit forest mousse cake (firmly believe this is a 750gm cake and not a 500gm as stated) and this cake is skillfully layered with white chocolate, vanilla mousse infused with champagne, 2 layers of dacquoise, a layer of chantilly cream and a layer of raspberry compote/gelee.

With white chocolate as one of the component, this is of no doubt sweet but what is nice about this white variant of blackforest lies in eating it as a whole. White chocolate being silky smooth, champagne-infused mousse to provide a refreshing alcoholic kick, tangy raspberry gelee to neutralize the sweetness and dacquoise cake to provide textured overall combination. Well-received among my 3 colleagues.

One whole cake can feed 8 to 10 people but to avoid all the confusion, it is better to check with the staff at the counter outside Town Restaurant than to go through the email channel. Some of these cakes are available off the shelf (both sliced and whole) and are displayed at the counter.

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
1 Fullerton Square
Singapore 049178
Tel: 6877 8911/8912

Next up, Truffs' chocolate cake for daddy's birthday and my colleague's farewell.

Truffs' chocolate cake

Chocolate has always been a safe bet and I chanced upon Truffs' through facebook. One of my friends "like" their page and out of curiosity, I have decided to order a chocolate cake from them.

Their cakes are only available as a whole in 7-inch ($85, 1.5kg), 9-inch ($128, 2.3kg) and 10-inch ($170, 3kg) and require advance notice of at least 3 working days.

Truffs' chocolate cake (cross section)

This is a "chimera" of a chocolate fudge cake and a chocolate mousse cake and don't underestimate a 7-inch chocolate cake. This rich chocolate cake is good enough to feed more than 12 people unless you are a die-hard chocolate and dessert fan. The chocolate sponge is moist and moderately sweet and hence complemented very well with the rich (and sweet) chocolate ganache and glossy dark chocolate glaze.

Some may find it overly rich and sweet and I would say I like it more on my first eating than the second.

Oh, daddy's birthday is celebrated at PuTien so coincidentally all 3 birthday celebrations are done in a Chinese restaurant... Should I put up an entry for all 3 of them?

179A Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068627
Tel: 9088 2736

Operating hours:
noon to 7pm (Mon to Fri)
noon to 4pm (Sat)
Closed on Sundays and public holidays


ice said...

Wow I think I will like Truffs' chocolate cake. Looks terribly rich. fen, how would you compare its richness & sweetness to other chocolate ganache cakes?

foodaholic said...

ooo truffs' looks mega sinful! looks as rich as p.s. cafe's...

SLYuan said...

If you are comparing with the black out cake, this one is way richer considering there is a thick layer of chocolate ganache in the middle.

Fen said...

Ice: This is definitely alot richer and sweeter than most chocolate ganache. However, the ganache does not melt cleanly in the mouth and is not as good quality as the chocolate in Jewels' chocolate tart.

As for the chocolate sponge, it is better than most for it being not-too-sweet and moist.

Phoebe: Indeed it is but Yuan and I manage to whack a quarter of the cake after the heavy lunch @ Pu Tien...

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