Monday, September 6, 2010

Royal China at Raffles - Mooncakes 2010

Every year, mooncake lovers will look forward to the Mid-Autumn Fair at Takashimaya B2 for the massive gathering of various brands of mooncakes spanning from overseas to local, and restaurants to hotels.

For those who frequent this fair, one will know that the discount that are offered at eateries and hotels is not applicable at this fair (26 August 2010 to 22 Sept 2010). But for those who wants a prelude of the new creations or a rough guide of what to purchase, this is the fair not to be missed.

Referring to the list of participants, one will be spolit with choices and among the samplers we have tried, one left a very deep impression which is the Mini Snow Skin with Bird's Nest, Almond & Macadamia Nuts from Royal China at Raffles.

Royal China

Naturally this will be pit against Shangri-la's Snow Skin Bird's Nest with Custard and as expected the former is more fragrant and has more Bird's Nest than Royal China's. However, as I mentioned in my previous post, Bird's Nest is not the main highlight in Shangri-la's. It was the custard and texture that caught everybody's attention. Similarly, the strength of this lies in the fragrance emitted from almond and macadamia nuts. The paste is very smooth but like Shangri-la's, the snow skin is on the powdery side. Overall, this is something different from the regular lotus paste, fruits puree and custard filling.

Oh, the "almond" used in making this mooncake is not the regular almond nut but rather apricot seed. For your information, almond nut and apricot seed (i.e. the same ingredient used in making Cantonese dessert, sweet almond soup, 杏仁糊) share the same Chinese pronunciation (杏仁).

Mini Snow Skin Selection
Scanned from Royal China at Raffles' brochure
(From front to back),
Mini Snow Skin with Mango Truffle & lotus Paste
Mini Snow Skin with Griotte Cherry Truffle & Lotus Paste
Mini Snow Skin with with Bird's Nest, Almond & Macadamia Nuts
Mini Snow Skin with Cranberry Fruit & Pine Nuts
Mini Snow Skin with with White Lotus Seed PAste & Egg Yolk

Mini Snow Skin with Mango Truffle & Lotus Paste did wow us. Instead of the regular chocolate ganache encapsulated in the chocolate shell, mango puree is trapped in the core of creation. People who fancy Kki's Antoinette might want to try this. Something refreshing and compliments well with the lotus paste and snow skin.

Royal China Mooncake 2010 order form

Royal China at Raffles Mooncakes are available from now till 22 September 2010 at,
Takashimaya (B2 Event Hall) and

Royal China Restaurant
328 North Bridge Road
#03-09 Raffles Hotel Arcade
Singapore 188719
Tel: 6338 3363

15% discount for UOB Cardmembers and this discount is only valid at Royal China Restaurant only.


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