Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mango Rhapsody from Patisserie Glace

Patisserie Glace has gained a fair bit of popularity with its selection of Japanese desserts since its opening in November 2008. Apart from the regular Mont Blanc and Japanese Shortcake, there is something exclusive about Patisserie Glace and that is none other the fusion of cake and tart.

Mango Rhapsody

Similar to my favourite Strawberry Hills, Patisserie Glace has a similar new addition. Set in an almond tart base, there are layers of custard cream, pear slices, almond frangipane, chantilly cream and sponge cake, topped off with fresh mangoes.

The combination of almond frangipane and custard cream maybe sweet to people who has a low threshold towards sweetness. Apart from that, like most tarts in Patisserie Glace, the fragrance and crispness of the tart pastry coupled with the varying layers is bound to be well-accepted by most. An 18-cm cake can easily feed 8 people and is priced at $44. Note that the cookie tag cost $3 and ice packs are available at $0.50 per piece which is essential for transportation as the chantilly cream melts fast.

Mango Rhapsody

Pâtisserie Glacé
12 Gopeng Street,
#01-33/34 Icon Village
Singapore 078877.
Tel: 6400 0247

Operating hours: 11am to 7pm (Mon to Fri)
11am to 6pm (Weekends and P.H)

P.S. My colleagues happened to eat both the Strawberry Hills and Mango Rhapsody in a go and her preference is inclined towards Mango Rhapsody since the former is sweet to her liking; anyway, one of them finds it so good that she is so tempted to drop by a visit the next day to pick up some for her family. Bottom line, it is worth a trip down to try this unique marriage of tart and cake.


ice said...

I thought Mango Rhapsody is pretty refreshing even when I'm not a big fan of mango in cakes (except mango mousse).

Glace's tart bases are always good, but it'll be more fragrant & buttery if they switch to using good quality butter like in K ki's tarts.

Fen said...

I find it sweet to my liking but to be able to eat the different layers in a go, this is no doubt the niche of Glace.

Each has its own goodness. K ki's buttery fragrance can be felt more distinctively given its lighter toppings; but having so many distinctive texture and flavours in the Mango Rhapsody or Strawberry Hills, crunch is more important. Not sure will it gets too cloying if it is more buttery.

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