Monday, June 7, 2010

Cakes @ Mirabelle Patisserie

Mirabelle Patisserie, more known for their crossiants, do have a decent selection of cakes. Before I continue, their butter crossiants get sold out very fast. Before reaching the patisserie, I called them up asking about their availability of the butter crossiants. After travelling merely 6 bus-stops, they are sold out already.

I didn't blog about my first visit which was 3 weeks ago but their crossiants are very well-received among my family members (note that their crossiants are too buttery to Yuan's liking, he felt that it was too crispy and oily). Tried their green tea roll, not too bad either but prefer the Breadtalk's green tea swiss roll.

The selection of cakes changes alittle on my second visit and interestingly the names of the cakes are rather feminine.

Annabelle ($4.90)

Annabelle ($4.90), a combination of Dark Chocolate Mousse, Vanilla Creme Brulee and Dark Chocolate Sponge, has a very old-school taste when chocolate sponge is concerned. The taste somewhat reminds me of chocolate fudge cakes, moist and chocolately.


Comparing the chocolate mousse with patisseries that uses single origin chocolate, this will disappoint picky eaters like Yuan but when it comes to sweetness, texture and overall, this is something I don't mind having it again. Yuan also highlighted that the vanilla creme brulee in the middle tasted odd.


Erica ($4.90), a fruity combination of Mango Mousse, Strawberry Mousse and Hazelnut Sponge, is a summer delight. This resembles closely to Rive Gauche's Jolie Fraise, smooth tangy mousse with a slight jelly-like texture. Yuan added that the sponge cake based tasted very similar to sponge used in the mango mousse cake from ritz carlton.

Mirabelle Patisserie
27 MacKenzie Road
Singapore 228682
Tel: 6238 6235

Operating hours:
7:45am to 7:30pm (Mon to Sat)
Closed on Sundays


Tze said...

Great extensive list of cakes/desserts and the likes, but I see that you've not tried Mama's Bakery at Square 2! You really really really should. Get their most popular item, a large chocolate chip bread thingy. Though personally, I really love their scones!

Tze said...

Oh, forgot to mention, their cranberry cream cheese= MUST TRY.


Fen said...

Hi Tze,

Thanks for dropping by.

You are right that I have not tried Mama's Bakery despite passing by a couple of times. I did walk in but somehow the bread didn't appeal to me. Not that they don't look good but rather I prefer my bread to be savoury and cheesy. Mama's bakery selection seems to be on the sweet side like chocolate and red bean.

On the contrary, Yuan had it a couple of times but because it is bread, he didn't blog about it.

Heard from Yuan that the chocolate bowl (their signature) is very chocolately. Alright, shall swing by on Sat since I am at Novena every weekend =)

I used to like Sweet Secret raisins but sad to say they don't sell it anymore. That has been my childhood favourite for a long time.

Anonymous said...

where have they gone?

they have the best ever crossiant.

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