Saturday, May 8, 2010

Macarons from Darcis

Dessert posts often works for me and this time round, David from The Importance of Salt, tempts me with his macaron posts.

Macarons I

The maker of these macarons is Jean-Philippe Darcis, a Belgian pâtissier and I am looking forward to the opening of Darcis in late July/early August at the Marina Bay Sands. I mean Jean-Philippe Darcis has a lifetime title of "ambassador of Belgian chocolate" so we are in for a treat.

Macarons II

These macarons are available in Singapore and are sold in boxes of 5($15), 8 ($24) and 11($30). The best thing is there is no charge for shipping during this time. As the website for Darcis Singapore is ready, the orders will go through this website and that there will be a delivery charge imposed. However, do join Darcis Singapore facebook fan page as there will be promotions which include waiver of delivery charge for a small min order.

The texture of the macarons are definitely better than Canele as the shells are meaty with a nice crisp crust. In terms of flavour, they have a stronger oomph factor than Jewels Artisan Chocolates. Moreover, as what David has described, the macarons aren't overly sweet and hence are easily accepted by my family members. My only complain is the limited floral flavours but nevertheless, Pistache has blown me away and I am aimed for my next order.

Pistache, Praline, Orange Chocolate, Passion Chocolat impressed my family members and even my picky sister praised the good combination of chocolate innards and passionfruit shells. Somehow or rather, the bitter chocolate neutralizes the sweetness pretty well. However, Fraise Coquelicot and Framboise seems to be uneven in terms of sweetness, apparently some parts of the macarons are overly sweet while other parts are ok. Yuan picked the wrong flavour, he gave a thumb up to Pistache but shook his head for Nougat as he felt that the fragrance of almond powder is not strong enough to his liking.

If you recall my previous post, between texture and flavours, I am more inclined towards the latter. Ultimately, macarons are just sugar, icing sugar and almond powder so what makes it stands out will be the sweetness, the flavour and a decent texture.

As the store in Singapore has not opened yet,
Here's the website for Darcis Singapore


David Koh said...

Wow great photos! Love the composition of the first one. I'm craving the macarons again. I always gobble them up too fast. I need to slow down and savour them.

Fen said...

Thank you for the compliment. The first one was taken by daddy >.<

It is good to gobble them, at least it shows that they are addictive and not overly sweet nor horrible... On the contuary, the slower I eat them, the more I like them. If I gobble within a bite, it means that they are too horrible till I want to end my agony.

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