Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chocolate Pralines from Darcis

In my previous entry, I mentioned how the macarons have stirred my interest in Darcis and having seen Darcis' website, the lovely pastries on the website simply captivate me. I couldn't hide my enthusiasm while communicating with Gery via email and he was very kind to put together a gift pack for me at a special price.

Special gift pack by Darcis, Modern Chocolate

Apart from the macarons I have requested, Gery has packed a variety of chocolates (Pralines, Rocher and Orangette mix and Champagne Truffles) for me and my family to try and it was a delight just by looking at all the flavours.

Truffle Champagne, Pralines & Macarons

As I mentioned to Gery, I am not adventurous when it comes to chocolate bonbons. So it was not unusual that Truffle Champagne, Truffe Chocolat and Caraibe have caught my attention.

Chocolate Pralines from Darcis

The flavours available can be found on Darcis website and one will be surprised by a collection of 41 varieties of chocolates ranging from classical to more venturesome and more modern tastes. In short, there is something for everybody.

Dark Chocolate and Bailey

Pardon me for the condensation, the photos of Darcis chocolate pralines aren't easy to take. Without a cold room, these babies melt so fast at room temperature so you can imagine them melting the moment it hits your mouth.

Cross section of Darcis Chocolate Pralines

Those who has tried Darcis' chocolates would have noticed the smooth and rich texture; and the thin and even chocolate coating. To narrow down to the individual flavours, some of the pralines are alitle sweet to my family's liking and the general favourites were Lavande, Cafe, Menthe, Truffe Champagne and the two bonbons with Darcis printed on it.

All in all, like what I have feedback to Gery, I am a fan of dark chocolate and next on my list would be the recommended chocolate tablets which received very good feedback during the recent FHA event. As mentioned, the chocolate pralines are very smooth, and that is the first impression cast by all who have tried. The only problem is that some finds it alittle sweet to their liking. So I would be curious to try the pure dark chocolate pralines.

As the store in Singapore has not opened yet,
Here's the website for Darcis Singapore


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