Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining

Visited twice and I have not been disappointed. The food is good and it might be pricey if you want to indulge in their appetizers and a-la-carte orders.

My first visit was with Yingyan at the Central branch. The place is alittle small and thus if you want indoor sitting, it would be better to make reservations, if not the outdoor seating is pleasant too as it overlooks the Singapore River, Clarke Quay.

Second visit was with my colleagues at Wheelocks, the place is more spacious with window seating overlooking Orchard Road.

Ordered the following
  • Mango Plus - A yogurt drink (so-so)
  • Violet Vitamin Cocktail - Grapefruit, Grapes and Cranberry juice (Refreshing)
  • Tori Chawanmushi - Extremely smooth and silky, the nicest we ever tried
  • Agedashi Tofu - served with a unique sauce that taste like shark fin soup... Starchy and mild
Kushi Mori - $18.50

7 sticks of yakitori, namely...

No. 1.
Prawn (yan has the honour to take the entire stick)

No. 2.
Mushroom + Shallot + Baby tomato
For mushroom yakitori, I really miss the one from Conrad International Centennial Singapore, Oscar's international buffet.

No. 3.
Grilled chicken which have marination similar to potato chips... Nice

No. 4.
Pork, abit tough but nice roast pork

No. 5.
Quail eggs + green pepper
I dunno what is the purpose of grilling boiled quail eggs

No. 6.
Chicken wing. Nothing special

No. 7.
Sausage but it tastes more like meat ball... not too bad

Bottom line - Shokudo has cheaper and better selection... The tenderloin, Yum.

Kaki Bacon Yaki - $12.80

This is the yummiest baked oysters I have ever tried. The oysters are baked with crispy cheesy skin but yet the oysters are so juicy... Fresh :D

Beneath the oysters lies stirred fried vegetables and bacons... not bits, but bacons pieces...

Kamameshi, 3 min countdown
This is how the Kamameshi were served. Nice and simmering hot when u lift the lid.

Kamameshi (Kaki) - $14.50
This is not as nice as the yakiniku. The rice is abit bland. Oh, basically kaki is oysters.

Kamameshi (Yakiniku) - $14.80

The signature staple dish of Sun with Moon is the Kamameshi, a more delicate cousin of the local favourite clay pot rice.

Tofu Cheese Cake - $5.00

Matcha Tiramisu - $5.50I didn't really pay much attention to the name of the dishes during my second visit but I will just upload the pictures.

This is one of the appetizers, not sure about the name of the dish but if I am not mistaken it is one of the chef recommendation. Bascially, it is salmon wrapped with beancurd skin.

This is a Taro tartlet.
Mochi & Dango with Azuki

Anyway, for your information, the tofu cheesecake is always served with a cage.

Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe (The Central)
#01-170/71/72, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central
Singapore 059817
6534 7784

Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe (Wheelock Place)
#03-15/16/17, 501 Orchard Road, Wheelock Place
Singapore 238880
6733 6636


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