Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Desserts we have tried in 2012

This is an entry on some of the desserts which we tried but didn't find time to blog about in 2012.


Starting from the most recent is the Cheesecake from Ruth's Chris Steak House. I liked the sour cream layer which paired well with cream cheese. Though I must admit that the mini cheesecake given to the birthday person is actually richer than the original sized one. Nonetheless this is still one of the better cheesecakes in town.


Next is Noel Treasures Cake from Haagen Dazs. This was one of the festive offerings for this year. It is made up of six chocolate balls which contain 2 Haagen Dazs Ice Cream flavours in each of them. Macadamia nut is paired with strawberry cheesecake and the caramel biscuit with chocolate. I believe I need not elaborate further on the ice cream but special mention must be made for the hazelnut praline biscuit at the base. Though sticky, it is crisp and goes very well with the ice-cream. This is also a very creative way of presenting a festive cake as it has 4 flavours with minimal contamination and easy to serve (simply halve the Christmas baubles).


The other memorable cake is the BananaRama from The Line - Shangri La Hotel. This was the cake of the month for October 2012 and the cake which Fen bought for my Birthday. I liked this cake for its strong flavour - rich chocolate mousse as well as sweet banana puree. This was one cake which even my parents asked for a second serving. Though this may be the cake of the month, the Line Shop may allow pre-ordering of the cake as Fen has ever ordered the hotel's Strawberry Vanilla Streusel Cake (needs to be ordered one week in advance) which was no longer sold in the Line Shop. So no harm sending an email to The Line Shop for enquiry.

Le Royale

Throughout the year, we continued to frequent our favourites such as Bakerzin and Canele. Specifically After recruiting former Pastry Chef Christophe Grilo from Hilton Singapore, there was a major change to their array of cakes. Not only the outlook has changed for their signature cakes, there seems to be interesting new creations. The Le Royale has gone through many modifications since we started blogging. Comparing with the previous entry on the Le Royale, there is now a second layer of chocolate mousse and there are improvements to the texture of the mousse.

Triple Chocolate Cheese Cake

As for the Triple Chocolate Cheesecake, there is now a layer of chocolate fudge as compare to the previous version. There is also more chocolate which may delight the chocolate fans as oppose to the cheesecake fans.

Tuxedo Cake

Last but not least, Fen's favourite cake of the year. Tuxedo cake, ever since her first encounter with the cake, she has minimally made me return to Carlton 4 times last year to curb her cravings. According to her, she adore the moist chocolate cake which is not overly sweet nor cloying. This is one cake she recommends greatly to chocolate cake lover for the rich and moist texture which to a certain extent resembles a good toffee pudding.

Finally Happy New Year to all and I hope 2013 will be a fulfilling one.


stargirl said...

the noel treasures cake is so adorable...happy new year to you too!

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