Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mooncakes by Purple Sage

Unveiling Purple Sage's first ever Mid-Autumn project - Traditional Mooncakes of three. The number three because of its sacred significance of fertility and good luck. Three in Chinese, "san", is also similar to the word "birth" and "alive". Hence a beautiful gift of good fortune and great tastes.


We are honored to be able to sample these 3 flavours. Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Melon Seeds, Jade Custard, Low Sugar Black Sesame White Lotus with Single Yolk. Overall, I felt that the moon cakes lacked the fragrance except for the pandan fragrance which out shines the other 2 flavours. Further the lotus paste sticks to the teeth and could be improved. Nonetheless special mention must be made for the Jade Custard. The pairing of pandan and custard for moon cakes is quite good. I also like the design of wrapping the egg yolk with black sesame and in turn wrapped by lotus paste.

To place an order with Purple Sage, you may download the order form via the URL here.

Special Thanks to Min Ru for the opportunity to sample these moon cakes.


Aaron said...

Had the Jade custard one. It was amazing.

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