Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Raisin and plain scones from The Fullerton Hotel

Scones @ The Courtyard, The Fullerton Hotel

The scones from The Fullerton Hotel outshines the rest for the the entire scone is glazed hence giving a more crisp and fragrant exterior than the rest. The other feature is that the texture is a little sticky, though Fen disagrees with me on this aspect. In fact, Fen felt that setting aside the glaze, it is pretty similar to the humongous scone she had from Raffles Hotel.

For me, I would say that the overall is quite similar to Goodwood Park Hotel. These scones are available for takeaway at $2+ from The Courtyard compliments with the hotel's clotted cream and mixed berries jam.

After eating several scones from the local hotels, I gathered that Fen likes her scones to be moist and sticky texture. Among the few she has tried, the ones that left an impression were the Blueberry Scones from The Regent Singapore and the Raisin Scones from Carlton Hotel.

While she is craving for her scones, I am trying to look for a recipe and strangely, my first attempt in making them turn out to be sweet and Fen described to be closer to a rock bun or a sugar-crusted cookie. In addition, judging from the photos posted for the recipes I have searched, the scones look very different from the ones served in the hotel. Is there any kind souls out there to enlighten me with some tested plain scones recipes?

The Courtyard
The Fullerton Singapore
1 Fullerton Square Singapore
Singapore 049178
Tel: 6877 8129


Hovkonditorn said...

Here is a very good recipe for scones. The recipe is also in english :)

Fen said...

Hi Hovknoditorn. We tried your recipe, not sure if there is a typo for the amount of baking powder, felt that it was too much and there is a bitter after taste. But apart from that, all works well.

taster said...

If you like scones to be sticky and cake-like, then the recipe has to include cream for the stickiness, and baking soda and cream of tartar for the cakiness. Using baking powder alone is not enough. You can also try using shortening or ghee.

Here are some recipes from Nigella Lawson. Since baked goods often taste better than commercials ones, scones from these recipes have a high chance of tasting better than any hotel scones. But watch out for the cholesterol and saturated fat.




taster said...

I also want to add. Besides, plain scones, you should try making sourdough scones either with fruits or with savoury ingredients with herbs. Singapore doesn't sell it but it tastes very good. The sour flavor is overwhelming like yogurt but much stronger. It is tasty so you can even eat it on its own.

To make a sourdough, just add flour with some water and sugar to make a scone-like dough and leave it covered in a pot at room temperature for at least 24 hours to ferment, making sourdough for bread would take much longer, as much as 4 days.

Once the dough is ready, it would have a sour smell and you can add the other ingredients to it to make scones. But since it is a weak sourdough and would not rise like bread, you would still need to add baking powder and soda.

There are many sourdough recipes on the internet but this version does not require sour dough cultures.

Fen said...

Hi taster, saw your comments via my phone and pardon for the absence of replies. We did bake our scones and thank you for the information about baking sourdough scones. We will bake and cook again when the baby is more settled, hopefully it will get better =)

I haven't really tried Nigella's recipe but from our attempts, it seems that milk and cream has similar effects.

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