Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hilton Singapore 2011 Logcakes


Hilton Singapore new Executive Pastry Chef Romain Laloue came up with 5 logcakes creations for this Christmas. We were honored to be one of the first to sample his creation - The Swirl. The Swirl is a fruity pink cake that captures most girls' heart, presenting a light sponge swiss rolled with refreshing fruit jelly made from fresh fruit puree laced with strawberry and raspberry mousse. This cake is then covered with a velvet Venezuela chocolate for a polish finish. Though the cake was light and refreshing, Yuan found it too sour for his liking.

Would say that this will appeal to those who likes berries or more tang than sweetness in their desserts.

The other flavors are:

1) Cheese: Essentially this is Hilton's renowned American Cheesecake with raspberry jam centre.


2) Jonconde: A traditional French pastry named after the famous Mona Lisa, featuring a cake with a variety of textures to delight the palate. Chef added a modern twist to this almond sponge cake by adding whisky to give a bitter-sweet aftertaste before encasing it with glossy chestnut buttercream.


3) Matcha: Green Tea lovers will definitely be thrilled with this fresh combination of match with chestnut. Savour rich aromatic chestnut cream made from Cuneo chestnuts generously spread between soft layers of ladyfinger sponge cake laced with jewels of glazed chestnuts. Sink your teeth into the light sponge to reveal a specially prepared green tea mousse made from the finest matcha in the cake centre.


4) Sensation: A true indulgence for chocolate lovers, featuring mousse made from premium Manjari cocoa from Madagascar and Caribe chocolate paired with rich vanilla cream made from Tahitian Vanilla Beans. These specially imported beans give the cake an additional sweetness with its natural caramel flavor. And if these are not enough, every bite of this cake is studded with chunks of soft brownies to satisfy any sweet-tooth.

Special thanks to Yen Lin, Marketing Communications Executive for the complementary log cake.

Checkers Brasserie
Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883
Tel: 6730 3390


foodaholic said...

no chestnut cheese log? :(

Anonymous said...

Did u take a picture of the interior for the matcha log cake? Matcha and chestnut sure sounds like a yummy combination!

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