Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Herbe Charteuse Chocolate Crispy Cake

Herbe Chartreuse Chocolate Crispy Cake

Introducing Hilton's Easter Creation - Herbe Chartreuse Chocolate Crispy Cake ($45+). Fusing choclate with Chartreuse, a French herbal liqeur that is produced with extracts from 132 medicinal and aromatic plants, the layers of milk chocolate, flourless chocolate sponge and crispy chocolate crumble result to a smooth, velvety and crispy delight of dark chocolate flavours.

Herbe Chartreuse Chocolate Crispy Cake2

Our readers would know that we are impressed by Chef Christophe's works especially when you consider that it is smooth chocolate mousse and yet managed to stay in shape for some time. What is outstanding is the moist chocolate sponge in between. The herbal liqueur infused in white chocolate is unique but it is also an acquired taste. I found it a little similar to those tea infused dessert taste but Fen found it too strong for her liking.

Apart from the Herbe Chartreuse Chocolate Crispy Cake, other Easter goodies include hot cross buns and kouglof, a celebratory brioche bejeweled with dried fruits from Northern Europe. Also not forgeting Chef Christophe's Easter macaroons - Apricot and Cherry Kirsch & White Chocolate.

Apart from Desserts, readers may want to take note of Hilton's Easter Sunday Brunch. The brunch features special roasts such as Roast Leg of Young Veal, Spit-Roasted Whole Young Lamb and Baked Salt-Crusted Whole Cod Fillet, along with Fresh Burrata Cheese, Premium Cured Meats including Parma Ham and Pata Negra as well as a Seafood selection including Oysters and Canadian Maine Lobsters. Completing the fiesta, diners can take their pick of anything within the Deli for dessert.

Easter Sunday Brunch
24 April 2011, 12 noon-3pm
Checkers Brasserie, Hilton Singapore
$105++ for adults and $35++ for children 6-12 yrs

Special thanks to Ms Joyce Moo, Marketing Communications Manager for the chance to taste this wonderful cake.

Easter Treats Promotion
Checkers Deli

4- 24 April 2011
For Enquiries and orders, call 6730 3392 or email Checkers.Singapore@hilton.com


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The cake looks really decadent!

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