Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jean-Philippe Darcis @ Marina Bay Sands


Chocolates and macarons lovers will be delighted to know that Jean-Philippe Darcis has opened officially at Marina Bay Sands (27 February 2011). Being the first chocolatier in Belgium and has won the title of "Ambassador of Belgian Chocolate" for life, Jean-Philippe Darcis gives you more reason to like chocolates.


Using pink as the main colour theme, the entire cafe is dolled with arrays of chocolate pralines and macarons. These, are flown in directly from Belgium to ensure the same quality as their flagship store and is something not to be missed.


Having tried Darcis' chocolates and macarons last year, I was more interested in the items listed in Darcis' menu. A range of Belgian Waffles, Sweet Crepes and Ice-Cream to choose from, not forgetting the list of coffee, tea, milkshakes and smoothies to be enjoyed with the sweets.


Among the list of Belgium waffles ($9.30), Banana Chocolate is one of the bestseller and it is only on this visit that we realized there is a difference between Belgium Waffles and Liège waffle. Slightly salty by nature, this waffle is generously served with fresh bananas, hot chocolate sauce and chantilly cream. The light batter goes very well with the toppings and does not turn soggy with its topping.

For Liège waffle, do swing by Darcis on Saturdays where freshly made ones are available at the cafe.


Ice-cream is another highlight. Chocolate Au Chocolat ($13.50) is a sundae made of three generous scoops of Chocolate Ice-Cream and Orange Sorbet. Topped with fresh orange and chantilly cream, this is another popular favourite in the cafe. Setting aside the huge servings, one can expect lusciously smooth and rich chocolate ice-cream, complemented with a tangy and refreshing sorbet.


On the day of our visit, Madelines ($2.90 each) was available in the cafe and two of the flavours (Raspberry, pistachio, Coffee, Chocolates and Original) will be rotated among the Sundays. This item is rotated among the Liège waffle, and Finanacers.

Naturally being cake lovers, we were eyeing the verrines and cakes on the display. The selection is relatively limited as the focus of Darcis is not on their cakes but more on the Belgium-imported macarons and chocolates. Nevertheless, these are freshly made in-house and delightful in their way.


Chocolate Mousse, Bavarian Lightened Nougat with Madeleine Biscuit


Passion Exotique
Passionfruit and Chocolate Mousse with Fresh Mango


Lastly we were honoured to have met Jean-Philippe himself who was in town for Darcis' official openning. Also we would like to thank Gery for his hospitality.

Jean-Philippe Darcis
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018972
Tel: 6688 7202

Operating hours:
10am to 11pm (Sun to Thurs)
10am to midnight (Fri and Sat)

P.S. The cafe offers nice private corners with cushioned chairs and partioned nicely with shelves of chocolate products. At times, the cafe do accommodate customers beyond their opening hours.


Anonymous said...

Hi fen are you pregnant?

HungryTrotters said...

lucky you! :) I did went to MBS as I haven't step on it before i left last year. But i didn't see Darcis though...haha, i was still a bit sick but i force myself to see MBS and look what i missed. :) Sorry again, i was not able to meet up with you guys...

Fen said...

Anonymous: Eeh, no... Guess I have put on weight from the tonnes of desserts.

Loraine: We were quite lucky to catch Chef Darcis as he was only in Singapore for a day for the official opening of Darcis Singapore.

Yea, indeed a pity not to be able to meet up with you but I am looking forward to your next visit to Singapore.

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