Sunday, October 4, 2009

EKAC Tiramisu


An interesting name derived from Everyone Kneads A Cake, EKAC (pronounced "eat cake") is a new shop near Biopolis and the NTU alumni house.

EKAC was first mentioned in Hotel Intercontinental's tiramisu and the website EKAC put up makes their bakes interesting. Jil, the boss of EKAC is kind enough to allow me to mix my party platter and thus I am able to try their Classic Tiramisu aka The Bachelor and their new creation, Rum N Raisin Tiramisu.

Classic Tiramisu, their best seller, is the one that is dusted with only cocoa powder. This is described to consist of home-made sponge fingers saturated with Lavazza espresso and liqueur, sandwiched by decadent layers of mascarpone cheese and topped with rich Valrhona dark cocoa.

As for Rum N Raisin Tiramisu, the one that is dusted with icing sugar is their newest addition to EKAC Tiramisu range.

As the tiramisu is present in small plastic cups with spoon provided, this is convenient to be shared with colleagues and friends. As for the taste, the mascarpone layer has a sticky texture (may be due to a higher proportion of yolks to white). The overall texture is moist with its mascarpone layer being more outstanding. For people who like their tiramisu to be very strong in alcohol, EKAC's rum and raisin tiramisu can be considered for its strong punch of alcohol content.

A platter of 12 pieces costs $24 and there will be a $5 delivery charge.

No. 7 One North Gateway,
Singapore 138642
Tel: 6778 9712

Operating hours:
10am to 9pm (Tues - Thurs)
10am to 10pm (Fri to Sun)
Closed on Monday


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