Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lunar New Year Goodies From Carlton Hotel

Caramelized walnuts aren't very common and I recall this is a favourite snack of my parents and grandparents and we used to get it from medicinal halls. It was during our 2009 trip to Hong Kong that the F&B manager of Eaton Hotel recommends this snack once more as the restaurant, Yat Tung Heen prepares them in-house.

Since then, I realized this is not only a favourite for my family but also my in-laws. I bought this last year from Peony Jade as a gift for them and it turns out that the caramelized walnuts were sticky and not crunchy, leading to a huge disappointment.

This year, I was oh-so-glad that Carlton Hotel is selling them for this Lunar New Year and since the Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant is quite popular in Singapore. This shouldn't be disappointing.


If you are looking for an alternative snack for Lunar New Year, consider the caramelised walnut from Carlton Hotel. ($23.80+ per bottle) The walnuts are well defined and the sugary coating is thin, evenly coated and not sticky. Most importantly, the walnuts are very crunchy and has no doubt made the top of my highly recommended and addictive snack for this Chinese New Year.


Signature Pineapple Tarts, sold in a bottle of 20 pieces ($23.80+) turns out to be Yuan's favourite. With a generous serving of homemade pineapple paste, the cookie crust stands out from most of the tarts we had so far. The pastry melts delicately in the mouth and shares the same effect as eating the shortcrust pastry of the Hong Kong egg tart.

Carlton CNY order form

Carlton Hotel Singapore
76 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189558
Order hotline: 6349 1292
Order hotline operating hours: 10am to 9pm

For more information, click here


sawinston60 said...

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Dorothy Hodges said...

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taster said...

Check out the new Maison Kayser bakery at Scotts Square, they could very well be the best bakery in Singapore right now. Paul at Taka is also new but I don't think they are as good.

Fen said...

Thank you Sawinston60 and Dorothy for the kind comments...

Taster: Visited both Maison Kayser Bakery and Paul's Bakery over the past 2 weeks.

According to Business Times, The Singapore Paul's is managed by the owner himself. Tried their croissants on 3 occasions and I have to say that it is very consistent and outstanding. Yuan also gave a thumbs up to the frangipane tart (though it is too sweet to my liking).

Tried the croissants and chocolate éclair from Maison Kayser Bakery, the layers of the puff pastry is not as fine and buttery as Paul's. Moreover, it was disappointing as it was hollow in the centre with the pastry being compressed together. However, the chocolate éclair was good, with soft choux pastry and rich chocolate cream.

The names of the bread are quite foreign to me, particularly for Maison Kayser, perhaps you can throw in some suggestions on what I can order on my next visit =)

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