Saturday, January 23, 2010

Antoinette by K Ki


This cake is named after co owner of the Little Drom Store (which shares the same shop space as K Ki) as it was baked for her birthday.


Encapsulated by velvetly smooth white chocolate mousse and a layer of soft white chocolate sponge, the surprise lays in the mango puree within. It has the same effect as a warm chocolate cake with molten chocolate in between. This is probably the "warm chocolate cake" for mango fans.

White chocolate cakes are often very sweet to most liking but fret not, the sweetness is just right and the beauty of this cake lies in the mango puree. White chocolate mousse is smooth and light and the addiction kicks in when this is eaten together with the tangy mango puree. Who would have expect a white chocolate mousse cake to be refreshing. Highly recommended.

As seen together with our previous introduction of K Ki, the creations offered by this patisserie are generally light and easily accepted by most. What is more important is that the desserts aren't cloying nor rich, making it easily finished and the urge to crave for more.

Apart from the cakes mentioned in both entries, we have also tried the cheese souffle, a Japanese light cheesecake that is so soft and moist. We didn't manage to capture it on our camera as it collapsed in Yuan's hands while he attempt to remove the foil that is beneath the cake.

K Ki Sweets
7 Ann Siang Hill
Tel 6225 6650
Their website and facebook group

Operating hours:
12pm - 7pm (Sun to Fri)
12pm - 4pm (Sat)
Closed on Mondays


Anonymous said...

The place is lovely. The owners are sweet. The desserts are good. How not to fall in love with this place? :)

I'm so glad the place is only within minutes from my workplace!

Fen said...

Saw your post on K-ki, love the way you post-processed your pictures... Nice vintage feel and it fits perfectly in K-ki setting.

You were a little quiet on the other end of the table, hopefully we will get a chance to catch up on the next outing...

Btw, I didn't see Cafe Dumo during my K-ki visit, what was it?

ice said...

fen: Cafe Dumo is the dome shaped cake beside Mont Blanc in your picture. It's coffee mousse with a chocolate ganache within.

Fen said...

How silly of me, always missing out details. Thank you for pointing that out... To think that Yuan took some pictures of their display.

Fen said...

Price for Antoinette:
Serves 5-6 portion 14cm Round $48
Serves 8-10 portion Teardrop (special shape) $72

Ordered this cake for my colleague's birthday and I was quite surprised by the response of my 14 diners.

To me, I thought it is something heavenly but little did I realize this isn't very well-received.
2 of them loved it while 1 of them finds it refreshing but felt that it was too inconvenient and expensive to purchase it.

4 of them commented that the white chocolate mousse is too sweet but all agree that the mango puree is nice.

1 of them prefers sponge cake and hence felt that this is too moussey or jelly to her liking. Moreover the cake base is rough and thus give her an impression that it is stale.

Not sure about the remaining 6 but the fact that they didn't ask for the contact, I presume this is too unique to their liking.

Looks like my previous choices, Passionfruit Meringue and Strawberry and Mango Cream, were a better bet.

ice said...

fen, I think most people, in general prefer the usual sponge cakes like you mentioned. Unless they eat cakes often, antoinette may seem to be abit too unique for them, especially the dacquoise base which is often too "dry" for most people to accept.

Fen said...

I guess so.

Guess this is too unique to their liking...

I was pretty confident it was going to wow everybody.

What upset me the most and nearly make me blow my top was the comment one of my colleague has made. The moment I took the cake out, she said "Wah, did you pay $72 for this piece of ****" I shut her up by saying "I have found an interesting and awesome cake and I want to share with everybody. If this is too expensive, I will absorb the cost".

*Sigh*, it hurts when a good piece of cake is not well appreciated...

Nevertheless, the rest of my colleagues finds it not bad, just that the white chocolate mousse is alittle sweet. Almost everybody gave a thumb ups for the mango puree. As expected, the only person that didn't finish the cake is the one that made the comment.

BanBan said...

Addressing Fen, I must say that it is best to eat the cakes there, not takeaway, because it is the entire experience that gives an additional edge.

Fen said...

Hi Daniel, for a small group, it is easier to have it there but when it comes to a group of 10 and that it is for a birthday occassion, I thought this is a very dainty creation to introduce to others.

Moreover, during my visit there, I was told by Delphine, the owner that they promote take-away as there is limited seating area.

Anonymous said...

Just went there yesterday. It’s pretentious, the vintage stuff is very expensive and some dont event work, the Singaporean lady boss is rude and unwelcoming. If you’re looking for warm Japanese hospitality, it’s sorely lacking here. The staff are very too-cool-for-school in their designer tees and sneakers, and so are their icy personalities. The six of us spent $80 on cakes and drinks and stayed for about 2 hours. Yes the cakes were tasty especially the Flourless Choc Cake. The ambience is quaint and cosy with all four tables occupied. I went up to the cashier with my empty glass for the second time to ask for a refill of water. And she said in summary: “This is not a sit-down-and-eat place, it’s takeaway”. So what the heck are the chairs and tables for??

To think i was gonna order another round of cakes. Seriously, this is my first and last time here.

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